Runescape divination idea

Some other players and myself had an idea for a Divination related Distraction and Diversion. User Lightdemon74 mentioned that it would be cool for a evil-tree like event for divination. I agree, but with some specifications.

First, the event could not take place at a permanent energy rift. There would be too many Runescape Gold players and it would be crowded, which affects how quickly the event would last. So you could talk to Orla about when the next God Rift is. I thought it would be cool if the random energy rifts that opened up were related to specific Gods, and had God-related rewards. I don’t know what the rewards could be, but that’s what this thread is for.

But as far the God aspect, Guthix rifts would be for players with any div level, Zammy/Sara portals for players with > or = 20 div, and so on with more powerful/respected gods. The reason I lumped Zammy and Sara is because so far Jagex has been sure not to favor one or the other. These energy rifts would appear in random locations, just like evil trees.

This thread can be filled with further suggestions, or feedback..