Week6:unbalanced voted up

The Saradomin camp was awarded with a second special unit vs an 50% more powerful special unit. At first sight this sounds balanced but in effect it resulted in increasing unbalanced situation, be it a glitch or untested. What happens is that the Saradomin camp can spawn a second boss who, i believe, on death can result in a spawn of 2 new bosses. Where, i believe the balanced option should have been that at any time there can be only a maximum of 2 Sara bosses around.

What is happening is that where Zammy is limited to 1 Zammy boss (be it 50% stronger), the Sara side has an increasing amount of bosses, each being 100%. This easily can result in having 4 Sara bosses vs 1 Zammy boss.

It might not, but i think it can matter in some ways. Aside from the mental support of having a 4 vs 1 situation, there are also some subtle influences in the gaining of the minigame reward tears.
– Zammy side now has the option to kill 4 more higher lvl dropping tears npc’s, in F2P this has little meaning as time it requires a boss is much more than killing a couple of regular npc’s.
– Sara side now has larger amount of Zammy npc’s that are lower on lp, quick kills aka quick tears.
– Sara side now has a larger amount of auto healing points vs a single zammy one that can easily be killed off. Maybe this matters less for higher combat runescape gold players, but it can matter for lower ones..