Don’t trust this trainer

Duke opens his stores and some random tamer suddenly wants to help? I dare say we shouldn’t trust him.

Besides, what good are his dogs and spiders against the fierce warriors of Saradonmin and Zamarok?Jagax probably released that just to see if people will vote for the most expensive option regardless of what it’s about. Or if people will troll and next thing we know we got rats, starting with the small ones in the castle, fighting against the gods.

That or the trainer secretly teaches the critters to murder and steal.
In the middle of the night, 1 group of creatures sneaks into the refugee shelter and turns it into a horrific blood bath, while a 2nd group steals all the rune gear from the guards (leaving behind the worthless Iron bodies), allowing the trainer to make out doubly … first by robbing the Duke on the front end, then making out literally like a bandit with a small fortune in alcable rune gear.

Guard Rats ftw. What will happen is the Refugee families will kill each other. The White Knights will kill the druids and allow Saradominists to ransac Lumbridge, the guardsmen will just die because they are still useless despite their ridiculously cheap rune weapons. The trained animals will spread disease and that is how Lumbridge fell to ruin..