Enriched ripoff

So myself and several others were standing around, wasting XP, waiting on the enriched spring to appear like we do. It finally spawned, and myself and 5 others all began racing towards it. One person siphoned an orb from it, and it vanished. The enriched spring lasted for 4 seconds.

They normally last for about 20 seconds, or at least they have for me. Why did this one only last 4 seconds, and is Jagex going to fix it? Or is it intended?

The spring lasts longer when 4 people donate a normal (non-enriched) memory to it. To do that, just hold a normal memory and the first 4 persons will have it swapped for an enriched. That way it stays longer.

4 secs is nothing unusual…happens quit often when few people join in (like <10) and when they empty their backpacks in hope for lots of enriched without one memory left to donate to the spring..