Recent changes my feedback

1. Private Chat, I appreciate that you guys have added this since a lot of us including myself like private/public separated or clan/private. However, I feel that the split chat should be able to be resized to fit long messages, at this time it can’t support long messages. Also, I couldn’t find a way to change the color of the text.

2. Inventory – I see that the inventory has changed, and I’m one of those people that have my inventory setup as 4 x 7, like it use to be. With this change, the armor screen and stats tabs have changed with that. Before, when I switch to my stats tabs, I would have my skills setup as 3 x 9, like it use to be. Also, I ‘had’ my equipment screen to where it shows my whole character and not the tiles, so.. resizing of the inventory messed that up too.

This is an example of how I have my inventory setup now to make the stats and Runescape equipment tabs to appear normal.

^ That’s what it is at the moment when I really need it to look like this
^ That will stop my ocd because of the even columns/rows

3. Change of text – The text that shows ‘xp to level’ or ‘current xp’ in that skill, is a lot harder to read now, well, for me it is.

4. Small bug – Hover over ‘toggle quick prayers’

5. Scrolling – I believe this didn’t happen till after this update, but before, I would be able to scroll up and down without my camera moving, and I don’t like having my camera locked since I change zoom levels every 1-5 minutes out of boredom, so I guess have it to where if player has mouse inside chatbox, scroll through messages but cancel the camera zoom.Thanks for the click through chatbox setting, and almost finished split chat, been waiting for those for awhile.