Your one stop shop for runescape food is

While it shouldn’t be tremendously difficult as far as achievements go, I still see people resorting to just buy Runescape Gold all the food at once from a player rather than trekking around the world. Wherever could we find over 28 pieces of food in one location?

!!!The Tree Gnome Stronghold!!!

Between the two grocer shops, the food shop, and the drink shop, there’s nearly !40! pieces of food available within a short walking distance of each other. The quickest travel method would be the gnome gliders/spirit trees, but it’s not too bad of a walk from the Ardougne and Eagle’s Peak lodestones. There are no quest requirements to get in.

I specifically avoided the GE because I heard rumors people couldn’t even buy beer for less than 5k. People are exploiting this like there’s no tomorrow. You’re much better off buying your own food.

Runners-up for food supplies:
-sandwich lady (different sizes of cake = different food items!)
-catherby fishing shop (cook them first!)
-veg thieving stalls
-Canifis meat shop (also cook them first!)
-brimhaven (cooked fish shop + slice the local pineapples into 3 edible variants)
-culinaromancer’s food chest

Good thing I’m a hoarder, and since I’m a total idiot have an actual bank tab devoted to various foods, so I finished the task within like 40 seconds since I have had 4+ rows of food and drink in my bank for I don’t know how long..

Runescape even out the playing field

Does anybody else here think that the Battle of Lumbridge needs to be evened out?

Personally, I think it’s completely unfair and biased to one side (Saradomin) simply because they have the majority of people. I think the system really needs to be evened out to be more fair, otherwise there’s really not much point for the Zamorakians who are just fighting a losing battle.

Not that Zam’s should get an unfair advantage or anything but something about the system needs to be redesigned so it’s not just all about collecting massive amounts of tears. Suggestions anybody?

The reason it is fair is precisely because one side hasn’t been given an advantage, and it’s down to the majority to show who they support.

It’s possible that there wasn’t enough lore background readily available showing of zammy’s positive aspects and/or sara’s negative aspects, and hopefully future events won’t appear to be ‘good’ vs ‘evil’ to the less lore-informed, but at the end of the day the side with the majority of people is exactly the side who should win.

If Jmods automagically twaked things so at any given time there was a 50:50 chance of winning, then it sort of defeats the purpose of letting the community decide the outcome, as it’s be easier for the jmods to just flip a coin and then be able to focus the development time, instead of being stuck making two cutscenes for both possible outcomes.

In my message, I was careful to explain that I did not mean a side should get an advantage to balance the score but I was highlighting the fact that the competition is essentially who has more supporters.

And personally, I don’t think it should be ‘majority rules’ that dictates who wins.
I’m more criticising the design of the Battle of Lumbridge more than anything..

Action bar adjustments

1) As it is now, when the bar is positioned sideways, the gauges fill down, and empty up. That is to say, the empty section of the gauge is on the bottom.I suggest adjusting that so they fill UP, and empty DOWN.

2) The regenerate ability can not be used during battle, which I don’t mind at all, but it could be improved to make after battles less of a hassle. I suggest an auto option. When the ability is on your action bar, you can set an auto-regenerate option that will automatically use the ability after the battle ends. This way, you’re not just standing there with your mouse/finger over the appropriate slot, and can immediately move on.

3) The action bar could use an automatic maximize feature that automatically maximizes when battle starts, and automatically minimizes when the battle ends. Also, while in edit mode, an option to set which side the bar maximizes/minimizes on. I’d like to be able to put the bar on the bottom of my screen, and have it maximize UPWARDS, and minimize downwards..

Is this really true

Warpriest Armor is getting nerfed? I heard it will have level 35 stats after the event. What the hell, Jagex? How is level 75 gear OP in F2p? I’ve seen people use the armor in F2p, level 200’s in Warpriest armor battling level 200’s or lower levels who were using non-gravite weaponry and they still pretty good on it. It isn’t overpowered by any means. Besides, if it is OP it is only OP for the top percent of F2pers. Most f2pers don’t have 75 defence because there is little incentive to train it that high. I just checked the stats of level 50 hybrid armor. That is essentially level 35 armor. Why did Jagex make Warpriest armor underpowered? Seriously, what’s up with Jagex anyway? It seems like they’re making such bad decisions lately. They either make something overpowered (Vorago buff) or they underpower it (Warpriest armor). Their decision-making is just horrible. I don’t think they think things through.

I wish Jagex would actually state WHY level 50 Hybrid Armor would be useful in F2p. If somebody could educate me on why level 50 armor is still useful in F2p. I’d shut up. But Jagex won’t do that…why?

lool. F2p got trolled BADLY by jagex. “We’ll give you level 75 armor.” it really does. Jagex made a bad decision. Then again, why am I surprised? They always seem to make bad decisions.

I just don’t see how giving an armor level 35 stats will benefit any legit player in F2p………..

Constructive list

I wish to make a list of the issues Runescape Gold players have with this update and an how to fix these. This way Jagex can see exactly what the issues are without wading through a bunch of topics that are all over the place.

1. Fix the loyalty outfits: Many feel that the removal of the previous options for colouring when the outfits became overrides needs to be fixed and the previous options re-instated.

2. Consistency: Several players have noted their chief complaint is a lack of consistency in the conversion rate between runecoins and loyalty points leaving many items to cost the same or similar amounts in runecoins but be drastically different in loyalty points.

3. Milestone Crowns: First of all, make the milestone items into keepsakes. Having them as actual items already decreases their utility. Secondly, change the size of the items, the crowns as is are too small. Third, variety would be nice, perhaps make a milestone set instead of having every item be another crown. fourth, added effects would be nice such as particles or emotes.

4. Price: Many feel that the cost of the items that you currently have for sale is too high considering what they are. These players request a reduction in the overall loyalty point cost of the items. There is also a complaint specifically about bank boosters being too high because they’re the only item that offers an in-game advantage. With Jagex seeming to no longer give out extra bankspace with new skills, the bank space is more costly than it should be.

5. Selection: Some players, myself included, feel the selection is lackluster at best. We request that you make a lot more (preferably all but not neccessarily all) items available for purchase with runecoins even if the prices need to be high.

There are of course players that have a mish-mash of these beliefs as well, but these are the ones I’ve seen popping up repeatedly throughout the forums.

I am sure I am missing some so feel free to comment and I’ll add any that you feel I’ve left out.

Please no flaming on this topic whether you are pro or anti the update respect other people if not their opinions..

Runescape pathetic

Absolutely pathetic, Jagex. Everything in the store is extremely overpriced in terms of loyalty points and only the worst overrides are available for loyalty points in the shop. I don’t mind micro payments, but when you say you’re going to adjust the system, ADJUST THE (insert expletive) SYSTEM! This is pathetic, and don’t give me any of your “the people who dislike it are the most vocal and we get an unbalanced response” bs. This is an awful update that you over hyped and let us down on. There is no excuse for this.

Also, quit giving us stupid SOF promos and SGS additions. We have 2-3 of them for each actual content update and it’s stupid. Fire the people who work on those updates and hire people to make some actual content, fix glitches, and add more abilities (3-4x the current number so spamming basics isn’t as required). I guarentee you will gain more members if you do so and the profit will greatly outweigh the measly amount you make from people buying spins (which nobody does for your stupid promos, it’s just for the xp) and the cosmetic overrides*

You gave yourself high hopes. A reasonable person (so, almost nobody on the forums) would have seen that, by allowing Loyalty Points to purchase Runecoin items, this would devalue the Runecoin some. Since Runecoins provide profits for Jagex, and since Jagex has said that money from these micro transactions are necessary to fund their larger development team, one can conclude that Jagex would want to avoid devaluing the Runecoin too much, as this would have a negative impact upon the entire game. To prevent this from happening, one can see that the prices always were going to be a bit extravagant..