Unequal champions

In the most recent vote, the Saradomin faction voted for another centaur champion to join the first, while Zamorak voted for their demonic champion to become stronger. What has happened (or at least it appears this way) is that there is a glitch allowing many more than two centaurs to be present at once. Meanwhile, although Zamorak’s lesser demons have supposedly gotten stronger, it appears that they just were updated graphically and heal 75 instead of 50. To support this, a centaur and a demon were fighting on the battlefield. They each had about the same amount of health and constantly were hitting the same amount of damage on each other, even though the demon is supposedly stronger.
Please post if you have noticed similar things, or you can explain possibly. Don’t if your just going to say one god is better than the other.

I have noticed that it is much easier to collect tears by slaying centaurs. (I’m aligned with Zamorak for now)
Still, it seems that the Lesser Demons should be more powerful, but I guess it’s okay.
Possibly with the next vote, it will matter more.
Ironically, I’m not a devout follower of either god, so I will soon be switching sides for the rewards, and then I’ll miss all the champions. You guys are right about the tears…

All the boost does is apparently impact the healing skill, so the Zamorakians were misled by the poor description as the overall healing boost is pretty much garbage atm. Like others, I had assumed it would impact the, overall, special unit capabilities (including the medics, rogues, etc)..