No super hero magic

After seeing both ingame snapshots and concept art for the Superhero overides, I am quite enthused by them. I like the design of the outfits, as well as the idea of the lightning bolts.

However, there appears to only be a ranged (Lightning bolts for thrown weapons) and melee (claws) overides. It seems magic got completely left out of the picture. Being a preferred mage character, I would have liked to have had a magic themed overide (wand and orb, or staff). I understand that Everyone can’t be made happy, and that it is likely too late to add something for magic in. However, I would appreciate it if Jagex were keep the thought in mind for any future promotions that have overrides as rewards.

Honestly I’m not that worried about it, but I’m a bit of a runescape fashionista…and I’ve realized that the superhero outfit doesn’t really go very well with any high level staff or wand/book/orb combo. I find it just a little annoying. I was kinda hoping that the lightning bolts were spell overrides as well. That’d be interesting..