Runescape pathetic

Absolutely pathetic, Jagex. Everything in the store is extremely overpriced in terms of loyalty points and only the worst overrides are available for loyalty points in the shop. I don’t mind micro payments, but when you say you’re going to adjust the system, ADJUST THE (insert expletive) SYSTEM! This is pathetic, and don’t give me any of your “the people who dislike it are the most vocal and we get an unbalanced response” bs. This is an awful update that you over hyped and let us down on. There is no excuse for this.

Also, quit giving us stupid SOF promos and SGS additions. We have 2-3 of them for each actual content update and it’s stupid. Fire the people who work on those updates and hire people to make some actual content, fix glitches, and add more abilities (3-4x the current number so spamming basics isn’t as required). I guarentee you will gain more members if you do so and the profit will greatly outweigh the measly amount you make from people buying spins (which nobody does for your stupid promos, it’s just for the xp) and the cosmetic overrides*

You gave yourself high hopes. A reasonable person (so, almost nobody on the forums) would have seen that, by allowing Loyalty Points to purchase Runecoin items, this would devalue the Runecoin some. Since Runecoins provide profits for Jagex, and since Jagex has said that money from these micro transactions are necessary to fund their larger development team, one can conclude that Jagex would want to avoid devaluing the Runecoin too much, as this would have a negative impact upon the entire game. To prevent this from happening, one can see that the prices always were going to be a bit extravagant..