Constructive list

I wish to make a list of the issues Runescape Gold players have with this update and an how to fix these. This way Jagex can see exactly what the issues are without wading through a bunch of topics that are all over the place.

1. Fix the loyalty outfits: Many feel that the removal of the previous options for colouring when the outfits became overrides needs to be fixed and the previous options re-instated.

2. Consistency: Several players have noted their chief complaint is a lack of consistency in the conversion rate between runecoins and loyalty points leaving many items to cost the same or similar amounts in runecoins but be drastically different in loyalty points.

3. Milestone Crowns: First of all, make the milestone items into keepsakes. Having them as actual items already decreases their utility. Secondly, change the size of the items, the crowns as is are too small. Third, variety would be nice, perhaps make a milestone set instead of having every item be another crown. fourth, added effects would be nice such as particles or emotes.

4. Price: Many feel that the cost of the items that you currently have for sale is too high considering what they are. These players request a reduction in the overall loyalty point cost of the items. There is also a complaint specifically about bank boosters being too high because they’re the only item that offers an in-game advantage. With Jagex seeming to no longer give out extra bankspace with new skills, the bank space is more costly than it should be.

5. Selection: Some players, myself included, feel the selection is lackluster at best. We request that you make a lot more (preferably all but not neccessarily all) items available for purchase with runecoins even if the prices need to be high.

There are of course players that have a mish-mash of these beliefs as well, but these are the ones I’ve seen popping up repeatedly throughout the forums.

I am sure I am missing some so feel free to comment and I’ll add any that you feel I’ve left out.

Please no flaming on this topic whether you are pro or anti the update respect other people if not their opinions..