Is this really true

Warpriest Armor is getting nerfed? I heard it will have level 35 stats after the event. What the hell, Jagex? How is level 75 gear OP in F2p? I’ve seen people use the armor in F2p, level 200’s in Warpriest armor battling level 200’s or lower levels who were using non-gravite weaponry and they still pretty good on it. It isn’t overpowered by any means. Besides, if it is OP it is only OP for the top percent of F2pers. Most f2pers don’t have 75 defence because there is little incentive to train it that high. I just checked the stats of level 50 hybrid armor. That is essentially level 35 armor. Why did Jagex make Warpriest armor underpowered? Seriously, what’s up with Jagex anyway? It seems like they’re making such bad decisions lately. They either make something overpowered (Vorago buff) or they underpower it (Warpriest armor). Their decision-making is just horrible. I don’t think they think things through.

I wish Jagex would actually state WHY level 50 Hybrid Armor would be useful in F2p. If somebody could educate me on why level 50 armor is still useful in F2p. I’d shut up. But Jagex won’t do that…why?

lool. F2p got trolled BADLY by jagex. “We’ll give you level 75 armor.” it really does. Jagex made a bad decision. Then again, why am I surprised? They always seem to make bad decisions.

I just don’t see how giving an armor level 35 stats will benefit any legit player in F2p………..