Action bar adjustments

1) As it is now, when the bar is positioned sideways, the gauges fill down, and empty up. That is to say, the empty section of the gauge is on the bottom.I suggest adjusting that so they fill UP, and empty DOWN.

2) The regenerate ability can not be used during battle, which I don’t mind at all, but it could be improved to make after battles less of a hassle. I suggest an auto option. When the ability is on your action bar, you can set an auto-regenerate option that will automatically use the ability after the battle ends. This way, you’re not just standing there with your mouse/finger over the appropriate slot, and can immediately move on.

3) The action bar could use an automatic maximize feature that automatically maximizes when battle starts, and automatically minimizes when the battle ends. Also, while in edit mode, an option to set which side the bar maximizes/minimizes on. I’d like to be able to put the bar on the bottom of my screen, and have it maximize UPWARDS, and minimize downwards..