Runescape even out the playing field

Does anybody else here think that the Battle of Lumbridge needs to be evened out?

Personally, I think it’s completely unfair and biased to one side (Saradomin) simply because they have the majority of people. I think the system really needs to be evened out to be more fair, otherwise there’s really not much point for the Zamorakians who are just fighting a losing battle.

Not that Zam’s should get an unfair advantage or anything but something about the system needs to be redesigned so it’s not just all about collecting massive amounts of tears. Suggestions anybody?

The reason it is fair is precisely because one side hasn’t been given an advantage, and it’s down to the majority to show who they support.

It’s possible that there wasn’t enough lore background readily available showing of zammy’s positive aspects and/or sara’s negative aspects, and hopefully future events won’t appear to be ‘good’ vs ‘evil’ to the less lore-informed, but at the end of the day the side with the majority of people is exactly the side who should win.

If Jmods automagically twaked things so at any given time there was a 50:50 chance of winning, then it sort of defeats the purpose of letting the community decide the outcome, as it’s be easier for the jmods to just flip a coin and then be able to focus the development time, instead of being stuck making two cutscenes for both possible outcomes.

In my message, I was careful to explain that I did not mean a side should get an advantage to balance the score but I was highlighting the fact that the competition is essentially who has more supporters.

And personally, I don’t think it should be ‘majority rules’ that dictates who wins.
I’m more criticising the design of the Battle of Lumbridge more than anything..