Your one stop shop for runescape food is

While it shouldn’t be tremendously difficult as far as achievements go, I still see people resorting to just buy Runescape Gold all the food at once from a player rather than trekking around the world. Wherever could we find over 28 pieces of food in one location?

!!!The Tree Gnome Stronghold!!!

Between the two grocer shops, the food shop, and the drink shop, there’s nearly !40! pieces of food available within a short walking distance of each other. The quickest travel method would be the gnome gliders/spirit trees, but it’s not too bad of a walk from the Ardougne and Eagle’s Peak lodestones. There are no quest requirements to get in.

I specifically avoided the GE because I heard rumors people couldn’t even buy beer for less than 5k. People are exploiting this like there’s no tomorrow. You’re much better off buying your own food.

Runners-up for food supplies:
-sandwich lady (different sizes of cake = different food items!)
-catherby fishing shop (cook them first!)
-veg thieving stalls
-Canifis meat shop (also cook them first!)
-brimhaven (cooked fish shop + slice the local pineapples into 3 edible variants)
-culinaromancer’s food chest

Good thing I’m a hoarder, and since I’m a total idiot have an actual bank tab devoted to various foods, so I finished the task within like 40 seconds since I have had 4+ rows of food and drink in my bank for I don’t know how long..