RS fixing of the wilderness

Before I go any further, let me just say this: To all of you who do not like PvP, or those who think that the Wilderness should not have PvP, this thread is not for you. Please do not post. If you want to talk about removing PvP from the Wilderness, then post a thread of your own. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but this thread is meant to be constructive and I don’t want it to devolve into arguments.


Reasons for Wilderness Decline:
1.Runescape EoC
The EoC massively reduced Wilderness activity. This is because many simply did not like the new combat system and so decided not to PK any more. The EoC also brought the removal of PK skulls and re removal of multi-way wilderness which also reduced the player interest.
2. Risk vs Reward
Gradually, over the years, the reward of going into the Wilderness has decreased, as many of the resources in the Wilderness have become less in value. The risk his also increased, with the fact that you now lose all items upon death. This, coupled with the fact that there are new bosses, resource dungeons etc etc in which people can make profit, means that people no longer go to the Wilderness looking to gather it’s resources. Resources include: Green Dragon Hides, Rune Ore, Coal, Cooking XP from the Bandit Camp “Pizza Factory”, Magic Rune Spawns at various locations, Wine of Zammy telegrab spot, Greater Demons for combat XP, Bones Spawn at the Chaos Alter for prayer XP etc etc etc.

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Increase Warbands Frequency, Decrease XP per Warband
More frequent Warbands will mean people go into the Wilderness more often. Decreasing the XP per Warband will help balance this. Simple!