Runescape Your Adventure

We sincerely suggest you play missing, Presumed Death immediately. You won’t miss any rewards or core content by doing so, and you’ll enjoy an experience that’s the real truth to your character. Your past achievement will be reflected and admit throughout the quest’s course, so any content than before, this will be your adventure.


You’ll explore a spectacular new area and face challenges of mind and body: traversing obstacles, solving riddles, and battling the walking dead. Combat scales to your level, so be sure to come equipped to fight. All of this is framed with lush new graphics, a magnificent musical score and full voice acting.

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Jagex announced Sixth Age novice quest with additional high-level rewards yesterday, You’ll travel far from the green grass of Gielinor, encountering allies and enemies – gods and mortals alike. While the quest has no entry requirements, quests that you have completed may feature, as will your actions during the Battle of Lumbridge, your choice of god emissary, and more.