RS3 prestige system

You were also many to send us your comments which were, for the most part, very constructive. You told us, for example, explained the reasons why you voted against the prestige system, factors that could make you change your mind, or what you would like to see implemented in the game instead of the prestige system . A big thank you for all these suggestions. And continue to give us your opinion! Even if you do not receive a reply to J-mod, do not think that we do not take note of your message as well. Players and developers must work as a team and that’s what we mean when we say that RuneScape is your game


We will reassess our goals and projects in the light of what you told us. Keeping your suggestions in mind, we will look at new ideas that better meet your needs and how you want to play RuneScape. This step lead to the development of a single, coherent and sustainable system, or multiple systems from which you should choose, we look forward to working with you. We do not abandon the idea to offer the contents of challenging game, but we want to ensure that you enjoy these projects. Discuss it here .

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Over 60% of you voted against the implementation of the prestige system in RuneScape. We have clearly heard your desire to see greater incentives to implement content and a competitive environment for high-level players, but in your eyes, the prestige system is not the solution that will meet these expectations. Mod Pips soon publish a more detailed analysis of the vote, but in the meantime, the result is very clear: the system will not be implemented prestige at stake.