To summon the spirit of the way gem


You will find three soul gems – Sapphire spirit, the spirit of the spirit of emeralds and rubies – the game drops : lasting addition to RUNESCAPE. In contrast to 3 – the spirit of the diamond , mental and spiritual dragonstones Agate – can accommodate more uncharged bag, but you will not see them in the game : they can only win a few days ago from the tip of your wealth called the noise !

Current update call allows the bag , along with debris and become attractive as a uncharged state , has never visited the obelisk . This means you can take more inventory pouch , to convene further efficient operation and faster training !
Provide wealth screaming noise spin one day, you can derogate three gems give you a new spirit to summon a giant hand !


Spiritual gem is a new addition to RUNESCAPE, and there are six as a whole . Each gem can store large amounts of uncharged bags inside. Obelisk to call and receive your gems . GEM All bags will be charging – so you will receive a call XP in a single chunk !

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