Runescape novice how to make money


If you are a newbie RS, but you do not know how to make money, there are several ways, I hope for your helpful

Mining; lumbridge South has a mine, with npc speech he will give you a copper shovel and began mining (Wizard button can afford to hang themselves with), who took over after the mining of ore are thrown (also keep the line even forging , is to run the bank too much trouble) taken to 15, the money can go grandexchange buy a shovel, and then spend ten dollars to the desert mining iron, desert city has a bank, more convenient. Collected enough you can go grandexchange sold them all. 30 can be coal, but coal is relatively slow regeneration time, 50 former mining iron or better
Rune Stone; do first lumbridge church mission, then go to the tower’s basement witches and wizards speak first, he will send you to dig rune stone of the place, the same as the other and mining

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