FIFA 15 Guide:Defending Against Skill Players

FIFA 15 is coming around the corner.Now you can learn exactly how to stop all the top skill players from taken on your defenders and beating them easily. Electronic Arts have this year introduced some amazing attacking features that really entice gamers to use the skill moves a lot more than they would have done in previous installments gone by.

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With more players not scared to perform these exciting skill moves against your back-line, you’ll need to be prepared for what’s going to hit you this year. Thankfully we’ve got the best tips to give out on how your club can deal with this easily below:

The Space Apart Is key
Remember to always stay about 2 yards away from the attacker, you might think to stay tight but this is when the skilled player will perform his moves and go past you like it was taking candy from a baby. If you stay reasonably tight, but at the same time give yourself some space so that more support will arrive and you can wait for him to make a mistake, either by performing a move, or passing it backwards.

Whichever option he chooses, you have still contained the threat and a goal scoring opportunity has not arisen from their play.

Make Them Pass The Ball
If the skill player passes the ball then you’ve pretty much successfully beating him all ends up! It’s literally the last option of what a skill player would want to end up doing. A player with some silky flair that likes taking defenders on will more often than not try and do just that. So if you force them into a pass or cross, they’re more likely to give away possession, especially if you have big men at the back.

Contain and Jockey
Using the jockey and contain buttons is much more effective on FIFA 14 than in previous installments in the past. Using these features will put your defender in a side-wards stance which is the ideal position that you want him to be in. If you try and keep a couple of yards between you and the skilled forward, then this is also ideal as you can also run while jockeying this year too.

Be Patient and Don’t Rush Anything
Far too many gamers want to just dive in and retrieve the ball like it’s the easiest thing to do in the world. Well, it’s not and you will have to play the patient game in order to be rewarded with it. If you rush your defending, then you’ll be giving the opposition the best form of defensive opposition that they’ve ever come up against. Also, by just rushing everything you will risk getting your players yellow and red cards and FIFA 14 is hard enough to win with 11 on the pitch, let alone any less.

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Top New Features in FIFA 15

So you’re probably asking, what’s new in this year’s FIFA? After scouring all sources, EA Sports has been very limited in unveiling the new features in FIFA 15. Below are the findings.

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Fun Factor
This is what we care about the most. The lucky few who have played the new FIFA 15, agree this year’s game will be less boring than FIFA 14 & FIFA 13. Thank god. Games are supposed to be fun after all.

With every new FIFA, they normally give a fancy name to the changes. There was the player control engine (FIFA 12) and the impact engine (FIFA 13). This year, they are just saying that they “improved” the player control and responsiveness.

Supposedly the joy of being able to beat players off the dribble has returned. Also, defending has been tweaked to be more agile. These changes are nuanced, yet will likely have a drastic effect on the way you play FIFA 15.

What does this means? While dribbling, you are not going to lose the ball as much. Knowing the Jedi Mind Tricks of dribbling will become important in FIFA.

Feel the Game
There is a new emotion and intensity that is felt in a match. The players react emotionally throughout the game fueled by modern animations of the crowd chanting. Will this influence your gameplay? Probably not.

FIFA Ultimate Team
Far and away, this will be the biggest change for FIFA 15. Look for the coming of FIFA 15 !

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