Luis Suarez now available in Ultimate Team

On June 26, Suarez was banned from “football activity” for four months after playing for Uruguay in the World Cup, where he was caught biting the Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder.

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This marked the third time Suarez had bitten another person during a football match, and resulted in FIFA implementing one of the most severe bans in the organization’s history (he is also suspended from nine international matches, which makes it highly unlikely that he will play a part in 2015 Copa America tournament).

But, Luis Suarez is now available in ultimate team!

After a 4 months ban time, one of the best striker all over the world has be released! There is still no Suarez on PC’s tranfermarket now, but on PSN and XBL, he has been listed at amazing 1.8 millions coins BIN price. You would became a millionaire instantly after packed a luis Suarez!

Since Suarez totally crash the market, more Packs will be opened these days and it means more player will be listed in market. The players who are in this TOTW’s price will goes nowhere but down. You should sold them as fast as possible.

But the first El Clasico of the year is upon us and whilst the on-pitch battle between Spain’s giants should be the main topic of conversation, it’s instead that bitey man Luis Suarez, who is now eligible to make his debut proper for Barcelona. If he does start it will be the first time Luis Enrique will have been able to field his pant shittingly scary trio of Neymar, Messi and Suarez.

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