Perfect to win a chemical reaction in FIFA15

For chemical FIFA 15 you are aware of how much of it,The chemistry is extremely important for
the success of any team.As we know,you can change your formation and player positions after
the game starts and chemistry isn’t affected. Also to check player chemistry before you
purchase for your team use the tools. If you follow these simple steps you will have a
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Fifa 15 The chemistry is extremely important for the success of any team. And there are two kinds of chemistry: each player’s individual chemistry and the chemistry of the team. Both influence the performance of the players on the pitch. The chemistry takes a fundamental role in the team’s performance. It evaluates the health of every relation in a club. In other words, the chemistry is a factor that helps the game play by interacting with the familiarity of the players with the club’s formation, position, the relation with the other players and the manager. Now, I will show you tips to win perfect chemistry in FIFA 15.

1.Pick your star players
To begin with, select two or three footballers you really like and you can base your team
around them. Three different players with three different nationalities and leagues.

2.Pick a League or Nationality
Chemistry works by linking players together in the same league or players that share the same
nationality. If you can get both of these together you are doing great! You must remember
though that the maximum chemistry s single player can have is 9, when a player is playing
with 9 chemistry you are getting the absolute best out of him. So by this logic you can
actually still achieve a squad in which every player has 9 chemistry if they all play in the
same league but have different nationalities. For every player, your manager shares his
nationality you will gain +1 chemistry, which could potentially build a +11 nationality
bonus. Ideally you want to get your hands on a manager that matches your desired formation,
or at least a similar formation to gain some of the formation chemistry.

3.Decide on a formation for your team
Pick a formation that you like to play. My suggestion is to go with the cheaper formations,
such as the 3-4-1-2, 3-4-3 or the 4-5-1. I suggest the 3-4- 1-2 because you can buy them all
day with less fifa 15 coins. To make this a success you need to have a decent trio of CB’s
and a strong Midfield. A strong midfield can make or break a team. They hold up the offensive
attack or help you push the ball up the pitch to get a counter attack going yourself.

4.Build your team
Now that you know how chemistry works and you have decided on a league/nationality and a
formation, it’s time to build the team. Before I create a new team, I like to use certain
tools to make sure that: I can afford the team. Each player will have 9 chemistry and the
players I use have decent attributes. Find good players that are in the correct positions and
place them into the squad builder. Make sure the chemistry is good and you can afford the
team. Once you have done this, you can begin to buy players and place them into your squad.