This may be an important factor in determining that person’s race

Now, the European super cup will battle between real Madrid and Seville; this is also a “civil war” in Spain. For Real Madrid finally together last season, win the tenth champions’ league trophy in the team history after years of suffering, and in the sight of the super cup trophy, is, of course, they are very eager to take advantage of this when their inner spirit is strong to pull off.

Before the game, Carlo Ancelotti emphasized the new players’ fusion: “for players new to join our team, this is the first official match after they came to the team and all the players first official match after the end of FIFA World Cup, it is not easy, but we want to win the game. The game is really important, because it is a final between two champions, significant.”

For Carlo Ancelotti, this is the third time he led in the European super cup, in 2003 and 2007, he led AC Milan twice won the European super cup, so in the super cup battlefield, and Carlo Ancelotti is full of rich experience. Carlo Ancelotti, said he was now not to think about his past at AC Milan period how to win this tournament champion, now he is real Madrid’s coach, he have to do is try my best to help real Madrid to win the champion finally.

When it comes to the game opponent Seville, Ancelotti affirmed of the outstanding performance of the team last season, but he also pointed out that at the same time, Andalusia team lost a lot of important players in the summer may be a lot of influence on the future: “this is a great team, they completed a remarkable achievement last season, has won a great champion. But now their situation is unclear, because they have come to a lot of new players, and lose a lot of important players, this may be an important factor in determining that person’s race, let’s have a good look at what will happen when the time comes.”

Finally, Ancelotti also not taboo to talk about the aim of the new season – the defending European champions: “no one will remain unbeaten team, we also know that the future may be difficult, but the most important thing is that our players very confident now, and our goal is to strive for the new season’s champion’s league championship.”

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