“Destiny” Expansion Into The Discontent Caused By The Player

Members “destiny” of the players, if you have not bought “dark abyss” DLC, then this week’s regular weekly tasks include night mission and you must say goodbye. Bungie decided to just let the players who purchased a new DLC will be this week’s regular weekly tasks, currently we are not sure whether this is just the first week of the case, or there will be such a problem later.

Source from: Destiny-Store.com

Destiny The Dark Below DLC releases Extended Trailer

The following is if you do not want to make the purchase of new DLC game week mission often give you tips.

Currently, the week is often only a week for the players to output stable strange coins task, then do not buy the DLC for the players who did so unfair. Although because of “destiny” to set the mechanism of regular weekly tasks, such a problem is because the week this week is often chosen task DLC mission leads to some players can not be, after weeks of often turn an ordinary task if so then everything will back to normal. But even so, because there is no money would not be part of the week is often still very annoying. And currently on the Bungie forums have been pan fried to denounce the behavior of developers emotionally players are angry, currently Bungie has not yet made any response on the matter, we will have a message for the first time we update reports.