destiny: Attention Game Farm-Winning Guide

Since the release of the new version of the fate, various concerns bursting, repeatedly broken sales records, today we’ll show you a game, game guide, help them with their games.

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Before you decide to go farming Vanguard reputation make sure you’re not wearing a factions reputation item – (cape, bond or skirt), as it prevents you from earning vanguard reputation.

Completing Nightfall Strike is one of the best and fastest way to grind Vanguard reputation and commendations. Completing the strike rewards you with 500 reputation and 20% boost to all reputation exp gains for the week.
With additional boost do weekly strike at the highest level possible, and get approximately 500 reputation.
Completing Tiger strikes gives you about 32 rep per completion
The only time when you should grind VIP patrol mission (the ones with the star inside) for rep is when you are getting close to leveling up, or while farming resources.

If you decide to farm VIP patrols start Patrol: Cosmodrome. There are 3 different locations that you should visit.
As soon as you land on Earth in patrol mode you’ll be in Steppes. There are 3 different patrols in this area, so open up your nav menu and look for VIP patrols.
If you have no luck, and VIP patrols don’t appear head to Divide
If no VIP Patrols appear in Divide head to Rocketyard
Return to Orbit and do it again
If you have friends, you can split up and cover different regions each. Everybody in the fireteam gets credit for each patrol, and you don’t have to move areas. A well organized group can earn up to 600 rep pre hour.