How to choose a footballer for beginning

for beginning, FIFA 15, choose players

It’s certain that Ultimate Team is the most grateful mode on FIFA 15, which we can  build our own dream team as we want. We need to buy a cheap players for a good begaining at first. These players below are valuable to buy in my opinion.

Jackson Martinez

Martinez has 85 Physical, to make him be a striker with the best cost performance. Although EA weakened his pace, his tough body is beneficial to players of opening wasteland. The only drawback is that he always shoot toward to the goal.

for beginning


Since I start ed FIFA 14, I liked this striker, Palacio. That he became common card from gold card means his price is lower. Compared with other strikers with 4K, his dribbling is quite good. HM and 85 Pace can allows you to find it. To ignore his Physical, he has no other obvious shortcomings.

for beginning, FIFA 15, choose players


In land reclamation period, Doumbia is a striker with the best shooting. He can break, defend, pass and shoot. He also has 93 speed. If he joins the top five leagues, his price will go up many times.

for beginning, FIFA 15, choose players


If you can’t afford Lewandowski or ST Muller in Bundesliga Lewandowski, Ramos is the first choice, the Bundesliga players choose him who is the first player for score.

for beginning, FIFA 15, choose players


Each league will have a super effective striker. In Serie A, Ibarbo is such a player. Either strong Tevez or Higuain is not good as Ibarbo at the beginning. The only drawback is his bad Finish. His shooting several times exchange for a nice goal.

for beginning, FIFA 15, choose players


Emenike is a black and hard striker with great speed. The key attributes is Shoot, finishing his Workrate is High / Low. Emenike is very suitable as a single striker.

for beginning, FIFA 15, choose players


Beginning with a good player can help you to have an enjoyable game experience, and you can be a hard-core gamer in game.

What’s the end FIFA game, in your opinion?

end FIFA game, 3 points

end FIFA game, 3 points

We can find out some reasons that EA Sport are allowing this to continue easily. These three points is the most important, which we will discuss late.

1.) They have no means of stopping coin generators.

2.) They don’t care, that is, they don’t care about the loss in profits from people spending money on coins rather than FP.

3.) It benefits them in a way unbeknownst to us (or to me at the very least).

end FIFA game, 3 points

Obviously No.1 is the more likely (or at least innocent on their behalf) reason for it but what do you think will be the future? If coin generating continues at the current rate then surely there’ll simply be too many coins on the market for any drop in prices. If people can buy 1 millions coins for a couple of pounds then prices of players will forever be ridiculously inflated.

The game risks being broken long before TOTS comes out and there is any potential for a crash, with many players being worth 15 million fifa coins. If it’s possible to buy 15 million coins for 30 pound in the future then some players will simply cease to be attainable in the game.

I think EA Sport must do something useful to stop that, or FUT will be going to break in a few month late. Do you agree with me?

What's the end FIFA game, in your opinion?

Discussion of third patch on FIFA 15

third patch, FIFA 15, players

Here comes FIFA 15’s third patch last week when updating, repairing some issues and adding some new things. Below are FIFA 15 players thoughts on this upgrade.

third patch, FIFA 15, players

They should fix ground through balls. You lightly tap “Y” and the ball goes flying past the guy you want to pass too and right in the keepers hands. – Shantmaster_K

Did they fix the +5 attribute glitch in Clubs? – Phrase_Universe

Game is still broken, 12 minutes into online game and disconnect which equals loss. Only seems to happen during the day, how can a company as big as EA not afford decent servers! Game has been out awhile now and this issue has still not been fixed… Pathetic – the_engineer_

Player on recently ascended teams don’t have the faces they said they would have on my ps4. Any one else have this problem? – jonhuerta

No amount of patches with fix up this pile of s.h.i.t. Get playing a real soccer sim with pes 2015, superlative on manual. It’s plays a fantastic game of football against the computer AI, against another human incredible. It’s just mind blowing how good this play. – sgmullins

I was hoping they would address the 20+ mostly perfect slide tackles a match from the CPU defense, especially on World Class and higher. – nommo210

When will they fix the way players keep falling over when even team mates slighty touch them. Its really stupid how often it happends and very annoying. – DeKuip

What’s your opinion about this third patch? like or do not like?

third patch, FIFA 15, players

A list of top 10 footballers on FIFA 15

list of top 10, Ultimate Team, FIFA 15

New seasons of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is coming. There are something different in top 10 players ranking, someone players up and others down. Following is a list of the top 10 best footballers we have compiled when new Ultimate Team mode comes.

list of top 10, Ultimate Team, FIFA 15

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid/Portugal)
Pos: LW; Overall Rating: 92; Average Price: 3,000,000-4,500,000C

Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo pips his great rival to the top spot when it comes to the best player in FIFA. Despite having a slight disadvantage when it comes to the overall rating when matched up against Messi, the Portuguese maestro possesses something that makes him the top choice among Ultimate Team aficionados – physicality. With greater height, jumping and strength than Messi, he is a better option for more varied attacking options and also defending against set-pieces. And it goes without saying that his attacking qualities – shooting, dribbling, pace, passing etc. – are all among the best in the game. The best in the world for the 2013-2014 season is also the best FIFA Ultimate Team player.

2. Lionel Messi (Barcelona/Argentina)
Pos: CF; Overall Rating: 93; Average Price: 2,500,000-3,500,000C

Regardless of being the leading candidate when it comes to being the best footballer of his generation, Lionel Messi only finds himself at #2 in this particular list. His diminutive size hampers his effectiveness aerially both in attack and defence – but that is pretty much the only negative you can hold against him. It goes without saying that he is the best combination of finishing, dribbling, acceleration, vision, control, and passing the game has to offer. You’d either have to get very lucky with purchasing a player pack or spend a small fortune to obtain the magician that is Messi, but he is certainly worth it for the ardent Ultimate Team gamer.

3. Arjen Robben (FC Bayern/Germany)
Pos: RM; Overall Rating: 90; Average Price: 480,000-700,000C

The best combination of pace and dribbling ability for the right side of midfield, Arjen Robben is a popular choice among many Ultimate Team players because of this. But the World Cup hero is not just about silky dribbling skills and almost unparalleled speed; Robben is also a clinical finisher both in and outside the area. All of this combined with his excellent creativity and passing skills make Robben one of the very best players in FIFA 15. In fact, he is only topped by two of the greatest footballers to ever play the game in our opinion!

list of top 10, Ultimate Team, FIFA 15

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG/Sweden)
Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 90; Average Price: 650,000-850,000C

A popular figure among the footballing fraternity thanks to both his ability and unwavering confidence, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is only behind Messi and Ronaldo as being the highest overall rated player in FIFA 15. Whilst not the fastest of players, the Swedish star, at 6’4” and with lofty strength stats, is an imposing figure for all defences to face. Not only is he a great finisher both aerially and on the ground, he is ideal to play off and be a great hold-up striker for any side.

5. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid/Spain)
Pos: CB; Overall Rating: 87; Average Price: 130,000-200,000C

There aren’t many central defenders that have great pace to go with world class defensive ability. Sergio Ramos, however, is one such exception – to the point where is arguably the best centre back in FIFA 15 for Ultimate Team. Along with a level of pace that keeps in the chase with even the fastest of players, the Real Madrid legend is a dependable force at the back. Ramos’ great heading ability, strength and size also ensures he is a danger for every set-piece.

list of top 10, Ultimate Team, FIFA 15

6. Luis Suarez (Barcelona/Uruguay)
Pos: ST; Overall Rating: 89; Average Price: 550,000-670,000C

Controversy always follows Luis Suarez wherever he goes, but one thing is for certain: he is one of the best footballers in the world today. In terms of FIFA 15, he is one of the very best out-and-out strikers you can choose from. Whilst he isn’t the quickest of all the options, he still has enough pace to get in behind defences whilst his finishing stats are deadly. The infamous Uruguayan also has the creativity and vision that makes him an ideal option as a striker for others to play off, where he can assist his teammates and provide a plethora of opportunities.

7. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid/Wales)
Pos: RM; Overall Rating: 87; Average Price: 550,000-750,000C

If you want acceleration, then look no further than Gareth Bale. Generally recognized as one of the fastest players in the world along with the footballing ability to go with it, the Welsh wizard is one of the most popular options for FIFA 15 players. He has great versatility, where his past roots in defence help when tracking back if needed, whilst he has the creativity and finishing to be a potent option up top. Sadly, with his fellow countrymen not at the same lofty plateau he resides on, building an all-Welsh side for international games is not the wisest of choices. Other than that, Bale is a fantastic option for your team – as long as you have the financial resources, of course.

list of top 10, Ultimate Team, FIFA 15

8. Yaya Toure (Man City/Ivory Coast)
Pos: CM; Overall Rating: 86; Average Price: 200,000-300,000C

Whilst there are central midfielders in FIFA 15 that, individually, offer either better dribbling, shooting or passing ability, none match the all-round ability, coupled with almost unparalleled physical presence for the position, that Yaya Toure provides. Although he isn’t the fastest player, central midfield is perhaps the best position to get away with such a thing, and Toure more than makes up for it in other areas. Boundless stamina, along with great passing and shooting abilities, all combine with his physicality to make him an imposing figure in the middle of the park.

9. Manuel Neuer (FC Bayern/Germany)
Pos: GK; Overall Rating: 90; Average Price: 220,000-300,000C

As attacking players are the main focus of any Ultimate Team, defensive players – especially goalkeepers – can be overlooked. But having a dependable last line of defence between the sticks could be the difference between winning or losing, and goalies in FIFA 15 don’t come any better than Manuel Neuer. The imposing stopper, one of the most integral parts to Germany’s success at the 2014 World Cup, is one of the highest rated keepers in FIFA history – making sure he is one of the hottest properties in Ultimate Team and a must-buy for those with the coins to spare.

list of top 10, Ultimate Team, FIFA 15

10. Jordi Alba (Barcelona/Spain)
Pos: LB; Overall Rating: 81; Average Price: 14,000-18,000C

Whether in attack or defence, the most important stat for an outfield player is pace. After all, you don’t want to be left wanting when competing against another team that is loaded with the fastest footballers in FIFA. When it comes to defe

nce, fast players for these positions come at a premium. Arguably the best speedster for the left back position is Jordi Alba. Along with some of the best pace stats in the game, the diminutive Spaniard is also a good all-rounder when it comes to defending and attacking. And in comparison to other players on this list, Alba is a steal at his current going rate.

Something you need to know when upgrades

tips,Ultimate Team,upgrades

The seasons of upgrading FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is coming, but do you know exactly how to do with it? These tips following can help you in deed.

tips,Ultimate Team,upgrades

Q: How are players upgraded on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?
A: Different to what happens on other game modes, the players aren’t automatically updated throughout the season according to their appearances in real life. Some may receive In Form cards, but most players remain with the characteristics they were given at the start of the season. In Ultimate Team, upgrades are made through the release of new cards in determined periods.

Q: What happens exactly if a player receives a Winter upgrade?
A: When a player is upgraded, the cards that start coming in packs have got the new ratings and attributes according to their performance on the real life pitch.

Q: Can a player change categories if he is upgraded enough for that to happen?
A: Yes. As long as the upgrade gives him enough points for that, a player’s NIF card can go from bronze to silver or from silver to gold. The IF cards never change category, though.

tips,Ultimate Team,upgrades

Q: Why are there some In Form cards that didn’t receive an upgrade although their NIF did?
A: All the gold players that receive upgrades and have got IF cards will have those IF cards upgraded as well. However, not all bronze and silver players’ IF cards are upgraded. The player’s IF card is only upgraded along the old card if his UP card is of the same category as that one.

Q: Why wasn’t a certain player’s IF card upgraded if his NIF and UP were of the same category?
A: Probably because that IF card already had the maximum rating for its category: 64 or 74.

Q: When is it upgrade season on FIFA 15?
A: There are two upgrade seasons throughout the game: Summer and Winter upgrades. The first one happens within the transition of one FIFA to another looking to reflect the player’s evolution between two seasons. The second one, in February / March, rewards the players who stood out the most along the first half of the season with the release of new (improved) cards.

tips,Ultimate Team,upgrades

Q: If I have a card of a player that is to receive an upgrade, will this card get upgraded?
A: No. It remains exactly the same, with the original rating and attributes that were defined initially in the game.

Q: If I have an In Form card of a player that is to receive an upgrade, will this card get upgraded?
A: Yes. Different to what happens with the NIF cards, the IF cards released before the upgrades will be upgraded in the same proportion as those (but automatically) except if there’s already been a category change within the UP card attribution.

Q: What’s the reason for there to be this exception?
A: According to EA, this is so “the IF card’s value and bronze/silver squads are not negatively affected”.


A taxi with Xbox One in Chile

taxi, Xbox One, FIFA

To entertain more passengers, a Chilean taxi company and Microsoft mount Xbox One on the taxi, which is a great ideal. How amazing it is!

taxi, Xbox One, FIFA

The games available are FIFA 2015, Killer Instinct, and the last two exclusive versions for Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive 2 and Forza Horizon.

The stations mounted on the taxi company Taxi Easy come with two headsets, two joysticks, Go-Pro, to make the trip even more fun in two.

taxi, Xbox One, FIFA

Passengers will not want to leave the car, because playing the FIFA 15 on a car is an
enjoyble experience which never have before.

Ranking list of overrated players on FIFA 15

There are some Premier League players, which is not  as good as we think on FIFA 15. These players are ones whose rating was overestimated at the beginning of the season, or their subsequent real life performances in the Premier League have shown a loss of form not worthy of their original rating.

Here is the ranking.


Football News


Mario Balotelli is a player whose rating you just can’t predict; some days he can be an unstoppable centre forward and others a lazy excuse for a professional footballer, the latter his most common form this season.

He was already downgraded from FIFA 14 by two overall to 82 this year, but his performances for Liverpool have deserved a far greater reduction in rating.

Without a single goal in the Premier League so far this is not good enough for a striker rated at this calibre, with an overall better than the likes of Danny Welbeck (78) and Charlie Austin (74).

Judging by these performances, I wouldn’t be surprised if firstly his rating dropped down below the 80 mark, and then even decreasing to 78, which in my opinion is still a bit too high.

players ranking, top 5 ,FIFA 15


Football News


The Colombian is currently the highest rated player in the Premier League on FIFA 15, alongside Robin van Persie at 88 overall.

Falcao has had a tough season with Man. United, on loan from AS Monaco, where his agent has admitted that he’s currently struggling for fitness in the Premier League, which explains his semi-average record of 3 goals in 13 league appearances so far.

The best way to explain why Falcao needs to be downgraded is through the fact that all of Wayne Rooney (86), Sergio Aguero (86) and Diego Costa (85) are rated considerably lower than the 28-year-old flop.

The three mentioned have contributed one shy of 40 league goals together this season, yet they remain inferior in rating to Falcao.

Nevertheless, he’s still a great striker and has proven this in past years with Porto and Atletico Madrid, although right now Falcao is going through a rough patch, one which would see him better rated at 83 on FIFA 15.

players ranking, top 5 ,FIFA 15


Football News


Roberto Soldado is another one of those players who just can’t settle in the Premier League, and this year with the rise of teammate Harry Kane, you could call it his most embarrassing of an already mediocre Tottenham career.

The fact is that he’s currently rated a whopping 13 overall better than the Spurs starlet Kane, and this alone is just criminal.

Soldado just can’t find the goals he desperately needs for Tottenham this season, and the more clear chances he misses and the more Harry Kane improves, it will only go south for the Spaniard.

Personally I think an 81 rating, even without Kane in mind, is too generous judging by the season so far. A downgrade to 77 overall justifies the 28-year-old’s time since moving from Valencia and it will only get worse unless Soldado picks up his act soon.

players ranking, top 5 ,FIFA 15


Football News


Chelsea’s Ramires has fallen down the pecking order at Stamford Bridge since the effective partnership of Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas began this season.

The Brazilian’s faults don’t fall on the same level as the previous players in the list, but his sudden disappearance from the Chelsea team can’t go unnoticed.

His decline is similar to former Blues teammate Michael Essien’s downfall from a Chelsea legend to regular benchwarmer and I can only see the same thing coming for the 27-year-old.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same route will be taken by Ramires, in terms of leaving the Bridge in the near future, in the meantime however, sitting on the bench isn’t deserving of an 81 rating on FIFA, and this should be decreased by EA Sports.

players ranking, top 5 ,FIFA 15


Football News


Mangala came to the Premier League with high expectations, as Man City fought with some of the world’s best clubs and paid over £30 million for the 23-year-old’s signature last summer.

I had only heard of the Frenchman through FIFA, where on Career Mode he was always one of the players with the most potential, and this led me to believe he would become one of the best defenders in the Premier League this season.

However, he’s failed to settle in Manchester where he’s made countless defensive mistakes and errors. This has ultimately led to a seat on the bench, as Vincent Kompany and Martin Demichelis command the City defence in his place.

There’s still hope for Mangala if he can prove himself in the second half of the season, but who knows if Pelligrini will have any faith in him following his performances so far.

On FIFA 15 he’s rated higher than the man who replaced him at centre-back, Martin Demichelis at just 79 overall, whose been a more consistent and reliable defender than Mangala this year.

players ranking, top 5 ,FIFA 15

What is the top 5 overrat players in your opinion?



How big “44 Chem Myth” boosts are?

What’s about the “44 Chem Myth”? It means that if a player has at least 4 Chem he will play on full performance, but simply won’t get the boosts. Nobody exactly knows how big this boosts are and everyone is wondering about this. So I thought: Let’s try something. So the main message behind this myth is simply “you don’t need chemistry links”.

44 Chem Myth
As you see, every player is on 4 Chem. I spent a big amount of FIFA 15 coins PS3 getting those Basic Chemistry styles to equal everything up. I built this team on purpose, so there isn’t one player in the team how has a link to anyone else.

So my current FIFA record is 367 – 46 – 165. So overall I lose 1 out of 4 games. Not that good – not that bad. Maybe a typical division 1 – 2 player.

I played this team for 25 games – not the typical 10, I thought 25 would be better to give you a good feedback.

In this 25 games that I´ve played, I won 21, draw 1 and lost 3, so overall the performance of the team seems to equal my normal performance.

Let’s get a little bit deeper and talk about “Single Player Performance”, “Overall team performance” or Let’s say “Team Feeling”.
FIFA 15 coins PS3So the “Single Player Performance”

I used most of the players before, I normally have the typical douchebag chemistry method. All Strikers and Wingers on Hunter, Central Midfielder on Catalyst and and Defender on Shadow (Please don’t offense me for this…) So usually my Strikers, Wingers and Defenders should get a little Boost on Pace – but tbh I couldn’t realise any difference. Agüero was outpacing most of the Center backs (with the exception of David Luiz and Onuoha) as always. Same here for Hazard and Robben. Ramos nearly won every run against the well known Strikers (with the exception of Sturridge, Ibarbo, Doumbia… we all know this story).

So for me there wasn’t really a noticeable difference. Same here for the other stats. Agüero, Suarez, Hazard and Robben seemed to be clinical finisher as always. Only difference, but maybe it was just me: Robbens weak foot felt weaker than before – it actually felt more like a 1 star wk

Overall Team Performance and Team Feeling

So sometimes the people say “If you play a team without Chemistry it is harder to pass the ball between your players” – I can NOT agree with this. I think it just depends on your skill and our expectations. Maybe it is a kind of notion that Let’s you think this, but I really can´t agree. Tbh I played this games with may more passion – I really focused on the game – I really tried to give my best.

So sometimes the people say “Playing a team without Chemistry feels sluggish”. I have to say that SOMETIMES I can agree with this. But I think this is based on a kind of momentum, or maybe it is the game speed or just a problem with lags. There were 2-3 games that felt a bit sluggish but tbh I haven’t found a reason for this. But if you are 100% in the game and focus on it you will deal with it.

So sometimes the people say “If you play a team without Chemistry, your players will to stupid mistakes” – Yeah, I totally agree. But it doesn’t matter if you have Chemistry or not – stupid mistakes will always happen. I made a little spreadsheet and noticed after every game the amount of balls that bounced away while I´m trying to reach it, Goalkeeper Mistakes, Hitting the Bar and Post, missing great chances and so on. I did the same with a typical 100 Chemistry BPL Squad and compared the data. There was no difference. There will always be games where your goalkeeper won’t react. There will always be games where you miss a great chance.

So for me, there was no difference in the overall team feeling


So I have to say, imo there is no difference playing a team with or without Chemistry.

One thing I noticed while playing this team was the reaction of my opponents. I usually play division 1 and 2, so there are less players that try to run straight to my goal at the kick-off. With this team nearly every opponent who played me and had the kick off, tried just to pass my team to score.

I collected about 9 Direct Messages on PSN saying “This is just handicap, you have no chemistry. Go and F your M… You SoaB…”

I think playing a team without chemistry gives you three big mental benefits:

1. Your opponent feels a safe win from the kick off on
2. You will expect less from your team, what will give you more power. You will be more focused and will play better
3. Whether you believe or don’t believe in Handicap, Scripting and Momentum – You will have a little feeling that you get the advantage

And the biggest benefit from all:
You can be able to built your real Ultimate Team. You can built the team you want.

I am sorry that I haven’t tried position changes in this little experiment, but I thought this would be too much. But with the fact that players on 4 chem (for me!) perform just like they do I think it would be no problem to play an LM on CM (David Silva f.e.)


What would happened in FIFA 15 January Upgrades?

There are prepare for the biggest ever January upgrades in FIFA 15 at the end of the month. We can expect a rating increase for in-form players like Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez, but what about those players who have fallen out of grace and are now forced to rub the bench?

fifa 15 news

Here, we look at the five players who deserve to get downgraded at the end January. Now, the list is not exhaustive and may not represent all the top players deserving a a bump down.

5. Luis Suárez – 89 to 88
4. Mesut Özil – 86 to 84
3. Simon Mignolet – 82 to 80
2. Radamel Falcao – 88 to 87
1. Mario Balotelli – 82 to 80