How to earn FIFA 16 coins early

FIFA Coins are the main currency in Ultimate Team. You can earn FIFA coins from selling cards or playing matches. Depending on the difficulty of the match (offline) or how far advanced you are in divisions and tournaments, the rewards can vary significantly. Coins can be docked for offsides, fouls, cards and more.

Knowing how to use the transfer market not only to buy cards on the cheap, but also sell your players for either a small loss or tidy profit, will help maintain a decent coin purse. Also, using the EA Sports Club Catalogue will help give earnings boosts to fill it up more quickly.

“[Use] the Football Club Catalogue, some of the earlier seasons you can kind of get some reasonable rewards.” Shaikh says. “A lot of that comes down to the skill of the player. Online events tend to give much more rewards but they tend to be much more difficult as well. A couple of the tournaments, depending on what skill level you can play at, can be quite rewarding as well.”


“Just dabbling in the transfer market is a good way of building up a coin purse so even just getting yourself a couple of players, understanding an almost a narrow portion of the transfer market [will help]. If you look and say ‘well I’m constantly building La Liga teams, well maybe I need to understand the prices of La Liga players under 5,000 [coins]’, then I can pick some up, play a few games with them, and then maybe make a bit of coin profit on them as well. And I think you can obviously be doing that at the same time as playing matches.”

FIFA 16 includes a new mode called FIFA Draft, where players can pay 15,000 coins to enter and build a dream team of stars to take on either AI or other players in a knockout tournament of up to four games. The minimum reward you earn will match the value of the entry fee, in the form of packs, players or coins, but the higher the win streak, the greater the reward. This could be an early means of building up coins and reinvesting them in other ways and turning a profit. So if you’re confident, perhaps this new mode is a place to earn some quick cash.

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