Albion Online: MMO Sandbox Albion Online

For on the development of its future MMO sandbox Albion Online, The Berlin studio Sandbox Interactive start to communication. It’s targated at the development since its last phase of alpha test of summer one will notice a work on the graphics, several modifications in terms of gameplay and the interface of the game. Are you eager to buy albion silver?


Developers have taken the time to fine-tune the world map by adding new icons to improve the legibility of events and zone information. Already revealed to the community, a screen of character selection will also appear in game during its next test phases. It will allow to alternate between several characters on the unique server of game. If you missed cheapest albion online silver, you would be disappointment.

Several effects of spells have also been reworked in order to bring more dynamism in their rendering on the screen. Note also a work on the models of superior armor. Already evoked in this news published at the Gamescom 2015, the different categories of armor will allow players equipped with tier 4 or higher to carry a larger panel of equipment in various subcategories: light, medium and heavy. These modifications have required additional work on modeling that the team of artists presents here.

On the gameplay side, the work always focuses on balancing different capabilities. Since Albion is a pre-defined classless game, it is important that each skill is scrutinized to avoid any build-up phenomenon used by all players. The studio is also completing its integration of a skillshot system to dynamize the clashes by including a manual aiming factor. Duels and war camps will also be added to the PvP component as a smaller committee during the next test phases.

Speaking of A land auction system, it will replace the purchase of building sites in cities. Take note that workers can be hired as non-player characters, in the end of 2015, they will help you collect resources on your private island, according to related anticipated, the next phase of closed beta scheduled for the end of 2015, due to its total sandbox orientation, Albion Online intends to offer players an ideal ground for exchanges, commerce, craftsmanship And PvP on a large scale. Albion Online is extremely fun, it’s no wonder that albion online gold for sale.