“Revelation Online” new professional PTR test service December 1 maintenance notice

In order to protect the player’s gaming experience, as the PTR test update content, the new professional PTR test service in the December 1 need to improve maintenance, is expected to be opened on December 2, the specific opening service time, please follow-up announcement!

1. General adjustment content:

Transferred businessmen to add the sale of [industrial brake props] can be used to return to the role of choice interface, directly to create a rating of 69 of the industry brake. (Need to have the role of the column in the case of use)

Players in the update on-line in the Ke Xu Department to receive [Gold Festival], the ceremony can be used to refresh the gold PTR new features – the activities of the store and the purchase of items.

2. Skills adjustment content:

Industry brakes skills-related adjustments:

① adjust the industry brake part of the basic skills of injury.

② replace the toxic body, poison blade, latent image, instant shadow, blood thorns skills icon.

③ repair instant shadow does not share the effect of latent shadow practice problems.

(4) the problem of repairing the high-level shadow film industry is invalid.

⑤ add hit poison dip volume II industry: an additional consumption of 1/2 blood poison, so that the duration of poison blade increased 10/20 seconds.

New unparalleled skills:

① Church of the [thunder Zhenjun]: thunder shake the world, I am Wanjun force, destroy all evil!

Under control can still cast, increase their own and around the teammates a large number of the value of life and restore the corresponding value of life.

② Yuxu of the [] [Star Stream illusion]: Star River rhyme, fate from the heart. Contains contained only, empty Bi lengthy.

So that their own and around the same time to increase the number of his teammates around the two-value.

③ light edge of the cut off】 【cut off the moon: cut off the meaning of meaning, the heart of the blade edge.

Continuing to cause a lot of damage around their enemies, casting their own body during the hegemonic state, and immune to all range of attacks.

④ Linglong of the [souls of all things] Health: Heaven and earth and I coexist, all things with me as one, allowed my wish, go back to one!

Attached to the target body, so that the target continued to restore the value of life. Possessed after their own skills can also be cast on the surrounding teammates for treatment. Possessed during their own can save a lot of harm

⑤ inflammation of the day [chasing life chain spy industry fire]: in fear of waiting for it, that the bullet will hit the dead come!

Continue to guide the front launch of three missiles, the enemy of the straight line range of damage and fire effects industry, casting their own state during the hegemony body.

⑥ streamer of [million souls still]: the dark soul of the world, into the eternal dream of death it ~

Skills are divided into two effects, a result of unparalleled results on the target seal, 10 seconds can not use unparalleled skills. After the second hit will cause a lot of damage and unparalleled goal to lift the seal.

⑦ industry of the brake [kill] God meteorite: meteorite such as meteor, sun and faint.

Summon magic, fired on the designated area of ​​magic blade, on the scope of the enemy caused a lot of RO Gythil damage

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