Revelation Online CBT2 Client Is Available For Download announced the Korean MMORPG, Revelation Online, has now entered into its second closed beta testing phase. The first closed beta occurred throughout October 2 months ago, though the second closed beta is ongoing at this time.

Over for the official Revelation Online forums, they announced those who have already got a closed beta key through the first test will automatically be granted having access to the second closed beta. If you didn’t have access to the primary closed beta, you would have to obtain a founder’s pack so as to gain eligibility for the 2nd closed beta.

There are three main founder’s packs. The first is a pack for $17.99 that grants you usage of all the closed beta tests and early access to the game if this goes into open beta, and there’s and a month of premium status. The second pack can be obtained for $59.99 and features the many stuff on the first pack though with some extra items and 60 days of premium status. The $89.99 deluxe pack features 90 days of premium status and unlocks a special cat… because apparently lots of people who spend inordinate time periods online love cats.

If this all seems like an extensive step above your level of care, maybe you’ll be a little more interested when you discover it the game doing his thing. They released a CBT2 trailer for Revelation Online that you could check out below.

If mafia wars wasn’t advertised just as one MMO I would have assumed it was a Japanese action-RPG. The bosses in the action look tight, along with the mix of aerial combat, gun-play and traditional sword-and-board skills makes the experience come across as a real mix between S4 League and Aion Online. That’s a sexy combination in addition.

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