NBA 2K18 Presents All-Time Teams On A New Trailer

Just weeks after its official release, 2K has shown a new trailer for NBA 2K18, the new installment of the famous sports simulator. In this new video, the company focuses on presenting the new All-Time team to be included in the title. These combined will bring together for the first time the best players who have gone through each of the NBA franchises to create 30 dream teams. Michael Jordan with Chicago Bulls, Larry Bird with Boston Celtics, in this video we can see a cinematic sequence of some of the best players in history that will be part of these teams.

NBA 2K18 is the newest delivery of the most prestigious sports simulator in recent years. The NBA basketball returns a year more of the hand of 2K with its proposals to continue improving the realism and the gameplay. The title will have some renewed modes MyLeague, that will give greater control to the player; And GM, a new version of the franchise mode of previous deliveries. It will also incorporate important innovations in the graphic section, for which new techniques of photography and laser scanning have been implemented to ensure that they capture even the smallest details.

NBA 2K18 will hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 15. Then we leave your trailer.

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ESO: Three New Minotaur Enemies Have Joined The Fray

The Elder Scrolls Online’s new addition pack, Horns of the Reach, was announced in August. If you say “I can not wait that long”, you can try the additional package this week on PTR servers.

With the additional package, two new dungeons and PvP maps are added to the game. However, there will be some changes in the game. These additional minotaur-paced players will be able to play two new dungeons named Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold in normal and veteran mode. There are also new in-game innovations such as a new additional pakette, cuts in progress at the raft, Guild invitations history, and stockpile of Union points. With the new 4v4v4 PVP mode, the Horns of the Reach DLC seem to satisfy PVP fans.

The “Horns of the Reach” dungeons (Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold) are definitely in the DLC-difficulty category, and more in line with the overall power of the White-Gold Tower than, say, Fungal Grotto.

Many “trash mobs” are familiar enemies to long-time players by now – the humanoid enemies that mimic a player class and pose a medium threat are still around, and have added a Warden substitute equipped with a bow, Cliff Screecher, and Insect Swarm to their ranks.

The truly dangerous members of the Dreadhorn clan are apparent soon enough, however, as three new Minotaur enemies have joined the fray.

Dreadhorn Wallbreakers, wield massive axes and can easily one-shot squishier party members on Normal – and tanks on Veteran. Block or dodge roll the heavy attacks, but otherwise just treat them like the gigantic damage sponges that they are.

Dreadhorn Tramplers also boast the capability to destroy a player – though mostly only in Veteran mode. Sidestep or block their bull rushes and avoid the flames.

Earthbinders are an upgrade on their human allies most of the time, and do many of the same things, but also boast the ability to damage shield themselves. These minotaur mages also create massive delayed AoEs in the form of magma rocks that burst from the ground – and then burst into the air for massive bleed damage.

Lastly, the dungeon design in this DLC makes “grouping” clusters of enemies together to lay down the Area of Effect damage a bit harder than usual. Whether you’re in the woodlands out front or the urban environment of Falkreath Hold itself, be prepared to defend against enemies coming from multiple sides and elevations throughout, or your party will be burning Soul Shards faster than you can say.

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Loot Boxes: The New Favorite of Elder Scrolls Online

Loot Boxes

Video games have more trends now some times players will imitate what others do in game if they think it will help them in some ways. Especially involved money, players always have excuse of making a little extra money and then the Loot Boxes was added in game. Loot Boxes is a tool to collect money for developer, even at primary stage it’s just a simple thing. But now they’ve developed to be in kinds of online games, including MMORPGs, sumch as Elder Scrolls Online.

Loot Boxes

Players will spend money on Loot Boxes, and don’t know what they’ll get. It’s just like online gambling. Random is the secret and interests, everyone wants to obtain a rare item, but most of time they are disappointed.

One Reddit user comments, ” I feel like railing against Loot Boxes is great, if you have never, or something close to that value, purchased them. If you purchase them and complain…well…” How interesting the comment is! and of course he is right, Loot Boxes is so comment in gaming world the biggest reason I think is that players always buy them in the first place. Once they want some items they will purchase them through Loots Boxes, it makes Loots Boxes works and make money.

There are many other comments on the forum of The Elder Scrolls online, a part of them are agree the comment mentioned above, some other even hate Loot Boxes more then him. We know that comments can’t change anything unless the all players stop buy them. But it is impossible at present.


Albion Online – A MMO Do Not Like Others

After going through several beta phases, the Sandbox Interactive MMORPG is officially released on July 17, 2017. It is unquestionable that it is off the beaten track, and it takes this to stand out in a market already loaded, but it will not necessarily appeal to everyone.

History to make you hand, we offer these two articles that will suit beginners. The first presents the game in outline and the other gives you tips for your guild island. Do not hesitate to consult them.

Switch Graphics Against Accessibility

At a time when the MMO are more and more beautiful graphically, and with mostly 3D, Sandbox interactive bet on a style a little less ambitious. However, it must be admitted that this choice is rather bold on their part. So we are faced with a cartoonsque style a bit impersonal with a hack’n slash view. Visually, it remains at the limit of the correct, moreover the artistic direction does not shine either. Apart from a few illustrations, the tone is sober with rather classical decorations overall. But then why is this a bold choice? For two reasons. The first is that it is accessible at first glance. It’s simple and we find ourselves very quickly contrary to the immensity of the 3D environments that can scare. In addition, this allowed developers to propose their game on the tablets under IOS and Android. Ideal to sit in front of the TV or on the throne to farmer a little. However, it should be noted that the title is not compatible with a not inconsiderable number of machines. So take the time to check if yours is.

Albion Online offers a kind of mix between Dofus and a MOBA hence the simplicity of the graphics.

The second comes from its gameplay. One can consider that Albion Online is a mix between Dofus and a Moba. Indeed, we find a lot of mechanics proper to the latter genre. Whether traveling or in team play. When we see PVP between two groups of players, we could almost make the parallel with a “teamfight” of League of Legends. The spell panel is another example of similarity with MOBA.

MMO Classic vs. MMO Sandbox

Where it can not please everyone, it is by its subtype “Sandbox” where the player is left to himself and has to create his own adventure. If you like to be guided by quests with a semblance of history, Albion may not please you. If this particularity is an undeniable asset to stand out, we note that the beginnings are not attractive enough for new players. We start by creating his character with little personalization. Then we learn the basics of harvesting wood, stone, and animal skin to get to craft to make our own beginner gear with tools, armor, boots, a weapon and a shield. You will also have a mount via a last quest to the first city of the game. After that, you are completely surrendered to yourself. The beginnings can therefore be difficult if you are not a minimum prepared.

Even though the experiences are varied, Albion Online still focuses much on the PVP. To launch alone in the adventure is surely not the best way to appreciate Albion under penalty of having to carry out many unpleasant tasks that can quickly make you lose. On the other hand, everything is done to encourage us to join a guild from our very first steps. From there, you can understand things in a user-friendly way. In any case, you will be forced to perform repetitive tasks for the good of your community. One last thing that sets it apart from other MMOs is the fact that it is very PVP oriented. Again, some will not like that bias. Obviously, the PVE and the trades also have a great place in the game, but the PVP remains a dominant component, there is no doubt about it. The whole is strewn with struggles between guilds that punctuate the conflicts in the world of Albion. We return to this inevitable ultra-communal aspect.

Apart from this bias taken completely from the developers, Albion Online also has quite a few trumps in its sleeve. Started by the displacements which take a real importance here. Given that teleporting, to which a lot of games have accustomed us now, costs almost an arm (the more things you have in your inventory and the more it costs you), almost all actions are done on foot. This side a little role play and more authentic allows, at high level, to experience the transport of dangerous goods, attacks of raiders, and other dangers orchestrated by unscrupulous players. But as the other would say: “It’s the game my poor Lucette.” Obviously the beginner zones are not concerned.

If we were talking about accessibility at the beginning of the test, the app still has nothing casual. In these same risk zones, the death of your character is punitive to the possible. So you lose everything you have on you set apart your gold. Moreover, driving you criminal increases your bad reputation and can deprive you of some useful services. Albion can be cruel, but it is also what makes it interesting.

Albion Online offers an interesting alternative to classic MMORPG classes and races. The other attraction of Albion Online is being able to become anyone. Indeed, you are what you wear. Here, no race or class, only equipment and master levels to carry them. This system makes it possible to try out new combinations and enormously varied. Looking at the sign of fate and its many branches, one could almost get lost, but it also denotes a wealth in terms “classes” that one incarnates through clothes. For example, a mage may very well use thieves’ boots to gain mobility or put on an armor for the “Tanks”. In addition, it is possible to choose different spells on each equipment. This one is not definitive, it is therefore possible to adapt according to the situations.

The game greatly encourages specialization, but fortunately the choice is wide, and that of combat is not necessarily the most profitable. Indeed, harvesters, artisans, managers, traders …, many trades have their importance in a guild to ensure its proper functioning. Because guilds can own territories and workshops in capitals and then impose taxes on all other players. The fight between the guild is a very encouraged sport in Albion where real armies can compete on a battlefield for example.

For reminder Albion Online is a “Buy to Play”, in other words when you buy one of the packs of the game, you can play there for life. However, there is a premium mode that gives different bonuses of progression (gain of more important pieces of money, the reputation which rises faster, harvest bonuses …) which quickly become indispensable must be confessed. Fortunately, the system is fairly honest because you can pay for your subscription with the money of the game. However, you have to invest a lot of time. The MMO can quickly become addictive and time consuming.

It is also worth noting that the official site offers a lot of content to help you in the adventure as a character builder tool to observe the best builds (PVP, PVE, Mixed …), as well as some guides even if they are in English. We end with a small note on the ambience sound that is very classic too. No epic or repetitive music but nice atmospheres that are perfect for a sandbox game.

Albion Online offers another way to play the MMORPG. Its both accessible and old school side gives it a certain cachet. It should be borne in mind, however, that it will not necessarily appeal to hard-core followers of the classical titles of the genre. Solo players may find it difficult to enjoy the beginnings, but the adventure of many is really pleasant. It is still lacking finishes but the Sandbox Interactive title is really interesting to try. Whenever you need silver in Albion Online, UpAlbion is here waiting for you with cheap albion online silver for sale.

NBA 2K18 Trailer: Further Deepened Customization Of Players

We can finally discover the first images of NBA 2K18 in video. While the gameplay is not yet in the spotlight, 2K decided to show at first the attention paid to the players.

This is not new, 2K cardboard with regards to digitizing players. Every year the publisher pushes realism even further. And the least we can say is that NBA 2K18 is likely to impress more than one. In a trailer released yesterday, NBA 2K18 unveils its first images by highlighting the visual and new techniques used for ultra-realistic rendering.

Thanks to the technical photos, the developers were able to work better colors and thus have a better rendering on the skin colors and their reactions to the light. Still on the players, the tattoos were reworked, the developers even added the scars and the stretch marks sometimes present on the shoulders of the players!

This year the NBA changes its sponsor. The Nike comma appeared on the jerseys, so 2K went to the New York office of the big league to scan each tunic, each color and accessories (knee pads, elbow pads, etc.) used by players. According to Joel Friesch, art director, more than 200 pairs of shoes were scanned, something to rejoice the fans of sneakers.

Another novelty, the customization when creating the players has been further deepened. It will therefore be possible to shape the faces as you see fit, but also your silhouette where the weight will be better represented on the characters.

Graphically NBA 2K always seems to top, remains now to see the gameplay since it had caused quite a lot of worries to the developers on the previous opus.

The Elder Scrolls Online: What We Will Meet In Horns Of The Reach

On the Elder Scrolls Online website, the official announcement of Horns of the Reach. If you have not read the previous news about the game, then you will find that it will be another addition to the paid DLC (to buy for a buck or crown) which we will see next month. We do not know when exactly.

What do we get

  • Two new dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold
  • A new map for Battlegrounds (4vs4vs4): Arcane University
  • New houses
  • New equipment for homes
  • Currency improvements, new features in the guild and the ability to cancel battle trait

In addition to the Horns of the Reach this year we will be launching yet another DLC – Clockwork City. This “extension” will feature the Elder Scrolls Online (more than 10 hours of adventure), which is the best MMO in the world, which is not really an MMO (“It turned out that ESO is not an MMO game”). Premiere in the last quarter, that is, between October and December.

The Elder Scrolls Online Original Overview

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of my favourite MMOs ever made and there is a reason for that. Its massive open world, quests system, and let us not forget the fantastic Tamriel One levelling system that lets you play with whoever you want regardless of level and alliance. But things were not always like this as it has taken Bethesda a few years to get the game to the standard it is today.

When we first got the game it was firstly a subscription-based game which meant that you had to pay around R200 a month to play it. But that was not the only issue. The game lacked a real MMO experience with grinding being torture, bugs plagued the experience and the PvP-based content was a hot mess being unbalanced and full of server issues.

Luckily a year later when the game released on console as the “Tamriel Unlimited” experience, Bethesda dropped the paid model for a free-to-play game with an option to pay for a special ESO Plus service that grants players extra DLC. It took a long time, but I do still regret pre-ordering it at launch and then yet again paying for it every month.

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