The Elder Scrolls Online Original Overview

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of my favourite MMOs ever made and there is a reason for that. Its massive open world, quests system, and let us not forget the fantastic Tamriel One levelling system that lets you play with whoever you want regardless of level and alliance. But things were not always like this as it has taken Bethesda a few years to get the game to the standard it is today.

When we first got the game it was firstly a subscription-based game which meant that you had to pay around R200 a month to play it. But that was not the only issue. The game lacked a real MMO experience with grinding being torture, bugs plagued the experience and the PvP-based content was a hot mess being unbalanced and full of server issues.

Luckily a year later when the game released on console as the “Tamriel Unlimited” experience, Bethesda dropped the paid model for a free-to-play game with an option to pay for a special ESO Plus service that grants players extra DLC. It took a long time, but I do still regret pre-ordering it at launch and then yet again paying for it every month.

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