Loot Boxes: The New Favorite of Elder Scrolls Online

Video games have more trends now some times players will imitate what others do in game if they think it will help them in some ways. Especially involved money, players always have excuse of making a little extra money and then the Loot Boxes was added in game. Loot Boxes is a tool to collect money for developer, even at primary stage it’s just a simple thing. But now they’ve developed to be in kinds of online games, including MMORPGs, sumch as Elder Scrolls Online.

Loot Boxes

Players will spend money on Loot Boxes, and don’t know what they’ll get. It’s just like online gambling. Random is the secret and interests, everyone wants to obtain a rare item, but most of time they are disappointed.

One Reddit user comments, ” I feel like railing against Loot Boxes is great, if you have never, or something close to that value, purchased them. If you purchase them and complain…well…” How interesting the comment is! and of course he is right, Loot Boxes is so comment in gaming world the biggest reason I think is that players always buy them in the first place. Once they want some items they will purchase them through Loots Boxes, it makes Loots Boxes works and make money.

There are many other comments on the forum of The Elder Scrolls online, a part of them are agree the comment mentioned above, some other even hate Loot Boxes more then him. We know that comments can’t change anything unless the all players stop buy them. But it is impossible at present.