Madden 18 Tips: Five Best Tight Ends

We are days away from having Madden 18 in our hands and the ratings of the best players by position have been announced. The Tight Ends is a position liked by those who have trouble scoring in the Red Zone, who know the value of having someone like ‘Gronk’.

5. Greg Olsen – Panthers – 92 OVA

Not only is it one of the best TE on the list, but also, it is the best option that Carolina has when launching the ball. Olsen comes with 97 in Catch, 92 in Spectacualr Catch and 93 in Catch in Traffic, so it is an option yes or yes every time you take Cam Newton out of the bag of protection.

4. Delaine Walker – Titans – 93 OVA

It will not be the best option to generate yards or points, but it is a difficult wall to pass at the time of the pass and race coverage. 86 Stiff Arm make it a powerful tank in case you decide to give it the ovoid.

3. Jimmy Graham – Seahawks – 93 OVA

A safe option to exploit the air attack in Seattle. Graham is not the best covering, but really, who would use it to block? He has 87 in Catch, 96 in Spectacular Catch and 87 in Catch in Traffic.

2. Travis Kelce – Chiefs – 94 OVA

One of the favorite weapons for anyone who dares to play with the Chiefs. Kelce has good grades like his 87 in Agility, his 85 in Speed and 93 in Awareness, he will not be an invincible force like ‘Gronk’ but he can help win more than one game.

1. Rob Gronkowski – Patriots – 98 OVA

In the digital world, Gronkowski is not as prone to injuries as in real life, so here is constantly a threat. 95 in Catch, 94 in Spectacular Catch and 96 in Catch in Traffic, very few rivals will be able to face the ‘Incredible Gronk’.

Ratings of other tight ends in Madden 18:

  • Antonio Gates
  • Julius Thomas

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MU Legend Tips And Tricks For Earning More Magic Gems

Level 65 is a watershed for MU players in MU Legend. After you reached it, you will need the more Magic Gems the better. As we all know, Magic Gems in MU world are used on a lot of things, Crafting, enchanting/upgrading your items, rerolling a mainstat/substat on a piece of your equipment and many more. So it’s really important to farm Magic Gems on the dungeons that gives magic gems.

In this article, we’ll conclude many useful tips and tricks to teach you guys how and where to get as many Magic Gems as possible.

Magic Gem Mine

from the name itself, you can get alot of Magic Gems in this dungeon, so you’d better do it everyday.

The Rift

The Rift is mainly for farming Magic Gems.

Blood Castle

It’s a time attack dungeon, but yeah it has a time limit of 10 minutes. The main reward on this dungeon is Jewel of Bless and Magic Gem Pouches, and if you clear it in about 8 minutes or more you wouldn’t get that much of a reward.

Endless Tower

Endless Tower rewards you mainly with Seal of Power, Seal of Power can be exchanged at the NPC on Ohrdor named Endless Tower Merchant for Wing Growth Stone that you can use to upgrade your wings at the Enchantment Merchant, you can also buy a Wing Evolution Stone with Seal of Power if your wing is ready to move up to the next tier.

Fabrice’s Garden

Fabrice’s Garden provides you with materials like Whole Newk and Whole Crystal, these mats are for Rerolling one of your mainstat/substat on your equipments, also from the boss cube that you can obtain in this dungeon you can get Pets and Evolution Stone Fragment and Evolution stone. Evolution Stone Fragment are used to craft an evolution stone which u can use to evolve your pet, so doing Fabrice’s Garden everyday!

Luery’s Secret Vault

This dungeon rewards you with alot of zen! The boss cube that you can get at the end of this dungeon gives you a Statue that you can sell to NPC and it will give you 150k/250k/400k.

Lupa’s Labyrinth

Lupa’s Labyrinth is a dungeon that gives your artifact EXP to level up, at the boss room once you kill the boss it drops a Broken Artifact Fragment, Lupa’s Boss Cube(although not at 100% chance, it has a 40% chance to drop), and Artifact EXP that you need to loot so that your artifact gets EXP, you need about 50 Broken Artifact Fragment to craft a whole artifact. 40 pcs are used to craft the essence on the crafting npc that can be found in towns and the 10 pcs are used to create the 2 artifact essence into a whole.

Note: Lupa’s Labyrinth floor 1 to 15 can be soloed but above that you need to find a group ( also you need to be decently geared if you want to solo, if not then find a group of ppl you can do it with.

AI Arena

You get to fight the other player’s AI in a pvp match and if you win a streak of 10 you get a decent amount of Magic Gems, so yeah it rewards you mainly with magic gems, also if youre on top of the board you will get rewarded with a decent amount of Fighter’s Token which you can exchange for useful items at the PvP Merchant which can be found in Ohrdor.

Mythic Dungeons

There are three kinds of mythic dungeon: Pit of Nightmare, Heath Mine, Sky Temple. Mythic difficulty on these dungeons are unlocked once you reached level 65, at mythic difficulty you have a chance to get a Ancient/Mythic Grade Equipment or materials that you can use to craft Ancient/Mythic Grade equipmenet at the crafting npc as a drop at the Boss or in the Boss Cube, this is your first step to gear yourself decently inorder to solo some dungeons that we mentioned above.

Epic Dungeons

Sanctum of Dragon Knights and Dragon’s Haven these two are the hardest dungeon in game, it can drop ancient, mythic and epic grade set items. Epic items are considered to be the strongest piece of equipment in the game.

It’s a good suggetion that doing epic dungeons once you’re decently geared, the first run might be hard for you but thats how you learn the pattern of the mini boss and the final boss also dont use the auto party function. When entering these dungeon, find a group of people to do this in order to have a succesful run.

now on the next tab on your game menu you can find the Daily Mission Tab, do the daily mission everyday its a 4 run of mythic dungeon(the kind of mythic dungeon that you need to do is listed on that click the Mythic Mission) do it everyday because it rewards you with Dukan’s Proof, which is used to buy a Epic Grade Gloves or Helmet at the Daily Mission Merchant found in Ohrdor!

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The Beautiful Madden NFL 18 Became More Realistic With Xbox One X

Even at Gamescom 2017 it became known that Madden NFL 18 will receive an update supporting Xbox One X. This was released by Electronic Arts on the eve of the launch of the new Microsoft console – November 2. Now the official Youtube channel Xbox published a minute video, dedicated to improvements on this platform.

It says that the most beautiful game in the NFL series has become even more realistic due to the capabilities of the Frostbite engine and the increased power of the Xbox One X. In particular, the resolution was increased from the standard 1920 × 1080 to a full 4K (3840 × 2160), and Also there was support for outputting a picture with an extended dynamic range of HDR.

A constant frequency of 60 frames per second is promised during the gameplay and when watching the repetitions of the best moments, thanks to which the game feels much smoother and more pleasant. The third change is the increased level of character detail, which makes NFL virtual stars more realistic.

As a result, the owners of the new console get really the best edition of Madden NFL 18: on the PS4 Pro the game, for example, is not always performed at a rate of 60 frames/s (cinematic repetitions are shown at a rate of 30 frames/s). Additionally, you can try a reliable online store like Madden-Store where offers cheap mut coins for sale at any time.