Path Of Exile Reviews From Veteran Players

If you have known Diablo and have been “lying” for months with it. Surely you will not be able to ignore the Path of Exile – seen as a diabolical Diablo student. True to the name “post-Diablo”, from the graphics, dark scenery to the blood, mana is also designed not much different than its predecessor. However, with the most modern technology today, the image of the Path of Exile has been pushed to new heights with the power of 3D.

The plot of the game and the history of the world are very interesting, I do not advise you to skip dialogs on the first pass. First, the dialogs are informative, and secondly you may encounter a problem – you need to complete the task, and you do not understand what exactly you need to do. As for the plot – many people consider it superficial, but interesting. All the inhabitants of the world have their own character, their goals and their history. As you progress through the game, you can meet many characters who will supplement their stories with a glimpse of the world, and memos and memorials will describe the story. The names and descriptions of Unique objects are intertwined with the game’s lore, and all game dialogues are localized and announced. They even managed to keep a thin note of black humor in the words of some characters.

Path of Exile is a completely free game, but with an in-game store that offers only items that do not affect the balance: visual effects for items and spells, pets and extra cache space. Multiplayer component in the game is expressed in the possibility of cooperative passage with other players, PvP battles and trade. For the game you need a constant connection to the Internet.

At the very beginning of the game you need to choose the league in which you will fight. Now only League “Standard” and “One Life” mode are available, in which, after the death of the character, he passes into the standard league. In the future, we are waiting for new leagues and races, in which there will be interesting regimes. For example, “Invasion” – any player can invade your zone and fight with you, and whoever loses the battle will lose his things and life.

When you decide on the league and mode, you have to choose the class that you want to play. To the class are bound only the starting characteristics, appearance and gender, and also importantly – the place of start in the Skill Tree. Each class has its own story, and its own reason for that they were sent to this place. In total, there are seven classes in the game, and the seventh new class “Scion” can only be opened after passing the entire storyline.

Complete the passage will not take much time, but the game has a huge replayability potential. It will be interesting for you to play all classes, try different builds, go through all the difficulty levels, which are three in the game. After completing all 3 acts of the first complexity, you will be teleported to the next difficulty, where you will have to go all over again, but even in more difficult conditions and with more evil enemies.

Unlike many games of this genre, you are not kept within the class, and you can use any skills and equipment, learn anything on the Tree of passive skills. The main thing is that the performance requirements for skills or things are met.

The main trump card of the game is the opportunity to develop the hero with his unique method. Players have come up with dozens of interesting builds, but almost always everyone prefers to create their own builds, with which they will be comfortable playing. A huge number of passive skills, game classes, skills and types of their combinations and things – allows you to create an unlimited number of different builds. Not everyone will be easy to assemble items or easy to use, some will be too weak, but the total number of possible playable builds is huge. The passive skills tree contains more than a thousand skills.

Visually, the game is pleasant. In some places the textures are fuzzy, the animation is not smooth, there are not many polygons. But for such a hardcore and dynamic game it is even useful and quickly goes into the background. Believe me, after a couple of hours, killing thousands of monsters – you’ll even like the graphics, since it does not turn what’s happening on the screen into a mess, and the effects do not cause attacks.

The atmosphere in the game is beautiful, the design levels, music and graphics – have a good synergy. Everything looks organic and gloomy. Separately mention the music, it’s beautiful!

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How To Throw Passes In Madden 18 Mobile

Many fans know that passing is essential in Madden 18 Mobile, so if you won’t get very far without it. And the running game in 18 Mobile is a bit more forgiving than its console counterpart. Madden 18 Mobile takes you through a robust tutorial that shows you all the ins and outs of the game, but it doesn’t exactly spell out how to get more out of your passing game. If you’re still looking for help, make sure to check out our other Madden 18 guides in U4GM.

Image result

How to Throw Bullet Passes in Madden Mobile 18. Throwing a bullet pass is simple. As you scan the defense and find an open man, press and hold on the receiver you want to throw to. This will make your QB throw a tight spiral that gets to the intended wideout faster than any other throw. Bullet passes are great for throwing balls into tight windows or when your receiver cuts between defensive zones.

How to Throw Touch Passes in Madden Mobile 18. To throw a touch pass, double-tap on the receiver you want to throw to. Touch passes come in handy when your receiver is running a Deep Post route or a Flat route down the sideline. By throwing a touch pass, you’ll give your wide receiver more time to clear through zones and get to the ball by putting an ideal amount of height under the ball.

How to Throw Lob Passes in Madden Mobile 18. To throw a lob pass, all you have to do is tap the receiver you want to throw to. This is the default passing style for Madden 18 Mobile. Lob passes are perfect for getting passes over the top of defenders. This type of pass is perfect for when your wide receiver is above a defender but does not have another defender above him.

How to Throw the Ball Away in Madden Mobile 18. It doesn’t matter what play you pick: sometimes, you’ll be under so much pressure that you’ll just have to throw the ball away. To do that, make sure you move your quarterback outside of the tackles. Once you do that, a trash can icon will appear on the screen. Press that, and your QB will throw the ball away.

Sometimes, you’ll be under so much pressure that you’ll just have to throw the ball away. To do that, make sure you move your quarterback outside of the tackles. Passing is pretty simple in Madden 18 Mobile, but now that you know exactly how to do it, you’ll be dominating all of your head-to-head matchups and single-player challenges. Hope you can enjoy this game!

Madden 18 Jaguars Championship On Sunday

Last sunday, Madden 18 Jaguars Championship Held In Daily’s Place. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There’s more than one race for the Super Bowl taking place in Downtown Jacksonville last Sunday. There are four eSports competitors go head-to-head at Daily’s Place in the Madden 18 Jaguars Championship, before the Jaguars kick off against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at 4:25 p.m.. You can see some live broadcasts. And Jaguars alumnus Josh Scobee host the tournament.

Fans with tickets to Sunday’s Jaguars game are invited to watch the competition live at Daily’s Place. Gates 1 and 4 open at 1:30 p.m. Those in attendance will be eligible for free giveaways including autographed memorabilia and Jaguars experiences.

The Madden NFL Club Championship is a landmark competitive gaming event within the Madden NFL Championship Series (MCS) involving all 32 NFL clubs, making it the largest competitive gaming commitment ever by a U.S. professional sports league. The players participating in Sunday’s Madden NFL 18 Jaguars Championship qualified initially via an online competition. They include:

Conor Dunn – Currently a student at Villanova University, he goes by the gamertag “Arozy.” Originally from Jacksonville, he attended Jaguars games in middle and high school and is an avid fan.
Sal Tylinksi – A current resident of Atlanta, Tylinksi’s stage name is “EducatedLion993.” He’s been playing Madden for a decade, winning more than $40,000 in his competitive gaming career.
Lionel Roberts – He goes by the gamertag “Kanan_Sparks” and currently calls New Orleans home.
Joel Skarpness – Know on stage by his last name, Skarpness is also a Jacksonville resident.

The winner of Sunday’s Jaguars Championship compete against the other 31 team representatives at the Championship Live Finals, a tournament occurring first at the Pro Bowl Experience in Orlando. The final eight will move on to play in Minneapolis at this year’s Super Bowl with $35,000 and two tickets to Super Bowl LII on the line. The second place winner of the Jaguars Championship will receive $2,500. The other two competitors will receive $1,000.

If you not attend the Jaguars game on Sunday, you can see some playback in the Madden NFL 18 Jaguars Championship on Twitch at via the EA Sports YouTube channel or on Facebook Live at

Path Of Exile: War For The Atlas Is Now Live


The War for the Atlas and Abyss Challenge League are now live! We’re very excited. Although official website ran into a few small issues after launch, these have been fixed now. GM2V will be keeping a close eye on everything and will Keep track of reports.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already gotten yours, it’s still possible to receive a free helmet skin simply by watching your favourite streamer play Path of Exile!

  • Step 1) Link your Path of Exile account to Twitch.
  • Step 2) Watch any of your favourite Path of Exile streamers play Path of Exile.
  • Step 3) That’s it! Simply by watching you’ll have a chance to win every five minutes of view time.

Every five minutes of view time you’ll have a 1% chance to receive one of the helmet skins which means it would take an average of 8.33 hours of view time to receive a Twitch Drop reward. However, depending on your luck, you could receive one much sooner! Each helmet skin has its own drop rate which will dictate which skin you’ll receive if you’re awarded a drop.

To clarify: after every five minutes of view time, the system will ‘roll the dice’ and decide whether you’ve won at that time. If you have won something, it will then ‘roll the dice’ a second time to decide which helmet skin you’ve won. Each helmet skin has its own rarity and chance to be awarded. The helmet skins and their rarities are listed further down on official website.

Please note:

  • You can only win one helmet skin per account.
  • Your chances of receiving a prize do not increase by having multiple streams open simultaneously.
  • If you’re a streamer, all you need to do to include your viewers in Twitch Drops is pick Path of Exile as your game while streaming on Twitch and you’ll automatically be included.
  • Twitch Drops will run until Monday December 18th (PST).
  • This promotion is limited to PC accounts only.

For more information, you can log in the official website.

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Player Trading Takes Enormous Amount Of Time To Make Coins In FIFA Mobile

Trading players or team is a normal way to make enough coins in sports video games. FIFA Mobile offers multiple pack options to help build your squad. Additionally, fresh player items are introduced all year-long based on the events of the real world. If a player has an incredible performance, the game will celebrate that with a new item.


You can also get players by using the Market. In the Market, you’ll find players and items of all kinds. Try to find low-priced items and sell them for a profit. Keep in mind that the game acts as an intermediary on all transactions. This ensures a level playing field and creates a fairer and fun marketplace for everyone.

Spending hours in the game. Player trading seemingly the most popular method to make money. However, it takes an enormous amount of time, particularly if you’re starting out midseason, when it gets really competitive.

Remember that level up also give you some coins for reward. You earn a good chunk of them simply by levelling up. When you gain promotion through success in Attack Mode and other challenges, you also level up. As you try to level up, once you hit level 5 you should search for a league to join. Find a league that has numerous members, you would better reco at least 20 members and request entrance.

Better team brings more profits. There are different ways to get player items to improve your squad. The first is by opening Packs either by using the coins you’ve earned or by purchasing them with FIFA Points. Another way to build a solid team is by completing Live Events or Plans. Some of the best items may only be obtained by completing specific Plans, so consider this option when deciding how your team should look like. Whether it be a specific plan from the Plans section, or a particular player, if you keep looking you’ll witness gaps and be able to make coins off it.

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Madden18: 49ers-Bears Games simulated

I think the only real thing in this game is no injuries to the quarterback, so the 49ers are going to go with Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers offensive line scares me at how it has let C.J. Beathard take a beating. I’m not know how Jimmy Garoppolo will persevered. It surprised me, because he’s not a tank like Beathard is.

The reality is cruel, but this had to happen sooner or later. So here we go.

Quarter Length: 6:00
Games simulated: 3
Notable inactives for 49ers: Adrian Colbert
Notable inactives for the Bears: Adrian Amos

Take note in Madden that players on injured reserve are automatically removed from the roster.

Jimmy Garoppolo starts slow
One of three games saw Jimmy Garoppolo go absolutely nuts. The third and final game simulated which gave him 70 percent completion percentage and around 250 yards. Besides that though, his averages were awful. Factoring the good game in, Garoppolo finished the day with a 51 percent completion percentage and 173 yards. Mitchell Trubisky? 215 yards and a 58 percent completion percentage. Yikes.

49ers pass rush has itself a day
With an average of 6 sacks per game, the 49ers pass rush was absolutely monstrous. There was one dominant player in each game. Game one was Tank Carradine, game two had Reuben Foster, and game three had none other than Aaron Lynch with 3.5 sacks. The rest of the team got their own numbers to contribute to this fantastic stat, but maybe the 49ers defense is primed for a big day.

The rest of the defense does not
Besides the sack totals, the 49ers defense was not good. The Bears running game carved through them easily (Jordan Howard averaged 102 yards). Once the bears hit the redzone, the 49ers may as well get the receiving team a head start, becaus it seemed like they had no problem waltzing in for a TD or getting an open tight end.

Final Score: 21-14, Bears
The 49ers have a Madden rating of 76 whereas the Bears have a rating of 77. Winning by a touchdown does seem quite believable. Madden was surprisingly accurate last week in predicting the score of the Hawks/49ers contest and I do think this is a believable outcome. The Jimmy Garoppolo era may have arrived, but the empire still needs to be built.

Different people get different harvests, 49ers-Bears line drops to 2.5 points, so all 3 of the 49ers game-time decisions are active!

In week 12, We Can See The Madden 18 NFL Roster Update Details

The team performance content updates can download in Madden NFL 18, the roster update is very important for Julio Jones, because he reaches 99 for the first time. And Aaron Donald got 99 again so he began the season.Meanwhile Von Miller has lost his important 99 in his all year.

Other notables on the move include Antonio Brown (+1 to 98), Bobby Wagner (+1 to 97), David DeCastro (+3 to 96), Le’Veon Bell (+1 to 95), DeAndre Hopkins (+1 to 93), Geno Atkins (+1 to 93), Gerald McCoy (-1 to 92), Keenan Allen (+2 to 90), Drew Brees (-2 to 90), Casey Hayward (+2 to 90), Joey Bosa (+1 to 89), Keanu Neal (+2 to 88), Alvin Kamara (+3 to 86), Myles Garrett (+2 to 84), Robby Anderson (+2 to 83), Marcus Gilchrist (+4 to 82), Jamaal Charles (-3 to 80), and Budda Baker (+3 to 77).

According to the official Madden NFL 18 website, and you can find more details on current ratings and many changes in this week’s update.