Path Of Exile: War For The Atlas Is Now Live

The War for the Atlas and Abyss Challenge League are now live! We’re very excited. Although official website ran into a few small issues after launch, these have been fixed now. GM2V will be keeping a close eye on everything and will Keep track of reports.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already gotten yours, it’s still possible to receive a free helmet skin simply by watching your favourite streamer play Path of Exile!

  • Step 1) Link your Path of Exile account to Twitch.
  • Step 2) Watch any of your favourite Path of Exile streamers play Path of Exile.
  • Step 3) That’s it! Simply by watching you’ll have a chance to win every five minutes of view time.

Every five minutes of view time you’ll have a 1% chance to receive one of the helmet skins which means it would take an average of 8.33 hours of view time to receive a Twitch Drop reward. However, depending on your luck, you could receive one much sooner! Each helmet skin has its own drop rate which will dictate which skin you’ll receive if you’re awarded a drop.

To clarify: after every five minutes of view time, the system will ‘roll the dice’ and decide whether you’ve won at that time. If you have won something, it will then ‘roll the dice’ a second time to decide which helmet skin you’ve won. Each helmet skin has its own rarity and chance to be awarded. The helmet skins and their rarities are listed further down on official website.

Please note:

  • You can only win one helmet skin per account.
  • Your chances of receiving a prize do not increase by having multiple streams open simultaneously.
  • If you’re a streamer, all you need to do to include your viewers in Twitch Drops is pick Path of Exile as your game while streaming on Twitch and you’ll automatically be included.
  • Twitch Drops will run until Monday December 18th (PST).
  • This promotion is limited to PC accounts only.

For more information, you can log in the official website.

We hope that you enjoy the new content. Thank you so much for your support, we will continue to offer you the latest news and cheapest PoE Xbox One Orbs.