Albion Online: Upcoming Changes Gameplay

A few weeks ago, we previewed Albion Online, a sandbox Interactive Sandbox game. An MMO where interactions between players such as political agreements, trade as well as PvP, at the same time, it’s aslo included the PvE, and it can completely focused on harvesting and crafts. Since Albion Online is so popularity, It’s no surprise that albion online gold for sale.


While the previous alpha test phase again brought together tens of thousands of players craving for craft and freedom, I had the opportunity to talk to the development team during this gamescom 2015 so To discuss with them the changes to come on the game. We take stock of this information.

Already limited to seasonal events (winter and summer alpha), Albion Online will launch its closed beta shortly before Christmas 2015. This new phase of testing, longer and rich in new content will be primarily accessible to players Having invested in one of the founding packs of the game. Free invitations will nevertheless be sent to some lucky ones registered on the official website.Are you expected to buy albion online silver?

Multiple adjustments will be made on certain areas in order to level down the equipment statistics of the players taking a cunning pleasure to gank the weaker players in the low and mid-level areas.

Developers will enjoy the few weeks available between this gamescom and the closed Christmas beta to floor new housing opportunities for players. The idea is to no longer limit the ownership of houses to a few areas, but to allow anyone to acquire a residence more easily in the area best suited to his ambitions of play. It will thus be possible to build a house in zone PvP for example.

In order to motivate new guilds to engage in PvP as a guild against a mass guild in the face of powerful structures already established for a long time in certain areas, siege camps will be deployed across high PvP areas level. The latter will take the form of a camp of mercenaries to recruit to come and lend us a hand in combat.

For Albion Online, it’s major to following a clear guideline and continue its development, on top of that, listening to the feedback of its community to improve the experience of its game. Regarding the game launch, and it’s said to that free-to-play on Windows, Mac , Linux, iOS and Android in the first quarter of 2016. For more Albion Online latest news, and you need to access as soon as possible.