Do You Know Path Of Exile Flashback Event Details

Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, GGG will be running a competitive Flashback Event from 9am Friday May 4th (NZT) until 10am Tuesday May 29th (NZT). It will run in parallel to the Bestiary League which will also be enabled on the event so that you can continue your challenge progression there.

The following content are the details about this event posted on the official website, don’t forget to pay attention to poe currency purchase at the same time:

1. The event will include rotating mods from 11 popular past Path of Exile leagues. There are microtransactions, Mystery Boxes, Demigod’s Dominances and bragging rights up for grabs.

2. The Flashback Event will have three random mods from popular past leagues activated at once. The collection of mods will persist in that area for one hour and the collection of mods will vary from area to area. After an hour has passed the mods will randomize for each area again. Each area will also have the Bestiary league enabled which means that you can continue to finish your challenges while you compete in the Flashback Event.

3. The possible league mods that you could see in an instance alongside Bestiary are Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Perandus, Beyond, Nemesis, Bloodlines, Abyss and Harbinger.

As an example, the Dried Lake could have Bestiary, Breach, Beyond and Harbinger active for one hour and will then randomise to another assortment like Bestiary, Ambush, Perandus, Invasion and then again to Bestiary, Ambush, Beyond, Torment and so on.

4. Flashback mods will be disabled for some areas that aren’t suitable to containing multiple of them. These areas include the Oba’s Cursed Trove and Untainted Paradise unique maps. Other similar maps may be excluded also as GGG continue their testing for this event. Flashback will also be disabled in small side areas like Aspirant’s Trial, Vaal areas and some Tora missions.

5. GGG will be running Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF and Hardcore SSF versions of the Flashback event on both PC and Xbox One! The prize pool will be shared among all versions of the event (more in-depth information in the Prizes section of this post below).

6. If you reach level 35 in the Flashback Event you will be instantly awarded a Sin and Innocence Mystery Box. This is only possible once per account. Leveling multiple characters to level 35 will not grant additional mystery boxes.

7. The top 10 of each version of the event will receive an Alternate Art Demigod’s Dominance. Ranks 11-30 will receive a normal Demigod’s Dominance.

8. GGG will also be awarding the prizes below based on your character level at the end of the event. For example, if you reach level 85 with one character you would be in the draw to win any of the prizes from the level 45-85 range. You can win more than one prize per account.

Path of Exile 3.2 Guides – Spectral Shield Throw Build

This is my take on a Spectral Shield Throw build scaling Physical and Bleed damage through the Duelist Class with Gladiator Ascendancy. The twist on this build is that it uses the unique Soul Taker Siege Axe to provide defensive mitigation by allowing our pure Physical damage to Chill and Physical and Bleed damage scaling using the Hypothermia Support Gem allowing us to reliably reach 450k+ DPS.

poe guides

Build Summary
The Soul Taker Spectral Shield Throw Blood Slushy Gladiator is a really fun active playstyle build capable of mapping all the way to Tier 16 with Boss kills, Atziri / Uber Atziri viable, Red Elder, and Shaper viable.

We are using pure Physical & Bleed damage delivered with Spectral Shield Throw for both mob clearing and single target. Our clear speed is augmented with Bleed Explosions through the Gladiator Ascendancy Gratuitous Violence passive and Spirit Burst through the use of a Lightpoacher Helm. We use two very fast and flexible movement skills Shield Charge and Leap Slam to quickly navigate any terrain.

We are using a multilayered defense setup with high Armour (50%+ mitigation), high Evasion (50%+ evade chance), and high Block & Spell Block (50%+ Block & Spell Block). Our moderate chance to gain Phasing (14%+) keeps us very elusive and smooth moving during mapping. We are also applying Maim, Chill, and Blind to our enemies to greatly reduce their speed and chance to hit.

Very durable character with multilayered defensive mitigations
Medium to fast clear speed through Tier 16 maps
Can run most map mods
No gem swaps

Spectral Shield Throw is love or hate skill
Top end DPS will max out around 500k
Endgame gear can be expensive
Leveling with Spectral Shield Throw from 30 – 50 is painful

Our playstyle is Shield Charge into the first pack, use Frenzy and take damage until our Blood Rage and Tempest Shield trigger, throw shields until everything explodes, Shield Charge to the next pack and throw more shields. Our bonus Flasks charges and Overflowing Chalice allow us to run nearly 100% uptime on our Flasks so we piano key as we go. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe buy items cheap.

Do You Know How To Build Path Of Exile Tarpan

Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, GGG showcasing tarpan’s build for a Juggernaut that doesn’t do much killing itself, it does this by using the fated version of the Dancing Dervish unique sword, the Dancing Duo. The following is the tarpan’s build guide.

At the start of each map you pop all charges from 2 of your Worm flasks to start rampage. Then you run around the map and collect loot, while your swords do the killing.

Path of Exile

When you go a little slow or when you have to backtrack, remember to pop a flask charge before rampage expires (press the key when the bar is at 1/3, takes some time for the worms to spawn and for the swords to get there). When you lack of currency in game, poe currency trade is an good choice.

For tough enemies like red beasts or bosses, pop vaal haste, your offering curse them with vulnerability and spam SRS to add a little damage.

1. Items:

  1. The Dancing Dervish: get one with perfect stats, it costs 1 Alch or Chaos – no reason to get a worse one Edit: since the start of the league prices increased quite a bit, if you are poor, start with a mediocre one and upgrade later.
  2. Boots: 30 Movement Speed is a must.
  3. Belt: 20% reduced Flask Charges used is a must.
  4. Body Armour: high Armour Value (1500+), because its doubled by the Juggernaut Ascendancy, makes you very tanky.
  5. Jewellry: Essence Craft Rings and Amulet with Essence of Fear until you get a decent life/resist roll. Buy a ilvl 84+ item with perfect implicit as a base for better stat possibilities.
  6. Bought the new crab armor to try it out and managed to six link it in 10 fusings. It has high Armour and Life and I hate bleeding so it’s awesome for me. Not neccessary at all though.
  7. The 30% Quality corruption is pretty nice for our sword, remember you cant change socket colors after that though.

2. Skills:

  1. Sword Faster Attacks, Damage on Full Life, Additional Accuracy, Melee Physical Damage, Maim, Minion Damage.
  2. Possibilities: Minion Speed for lower maps or before you have minion speed jewellry. Multistrike also works with the dancing dervish, I did not try it myself yet.
  3. SRS Summon Raging Spirit, Melee Physical Damage, Culling Strike, Blood Magic, Minion Damage, Melee Splash.
  4. Animate Guardian Animate Guardian, Minion Life, Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance, Fortify.
  5. Auras Wrath, Hatred, Vaal Haste, Generosity.
  6. Utility Blood Magic, Vulnerability, Flame Dash, Spirit Offering.

By the time you hit level 59 you should have all the Minion Damage nodes on the tree aswell as the Dexterity Nodes on the right side so you can actually use The Dancing Dervish right away. You will still need some more Dex, get it on Jewels, Amulet or Boots. for more guides, you can visit

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO App In Search Of Eorzea Resources

After Pokemon GO also Square Enix takes the field by announcing his personal reinterpretation, which is called Final Fantasy XIV Online GO. It is an app that allows us to explore the surrounding world in search of Eorzea resources, as well as giving us the opportunity to fish. With the exclusive Final Fantasy accessory XIV Online GO Harvesting Stick your phone will turn into a pickaxe, a fishing rod or a botanist’s ax. Below is the statement by Haimirich Fischer, vice president of innovation at Square Enix:

We want to give a sense of freedom. We want to make sure that over 10 million players can gather resources where and when they want, without the restrictions of their PCs or their consoles. FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO creates this freedom by connecting the physical to the digital world, and at the same time promotes social interactions between members of our fantastic community.

If it may seem strange to use your phone as a fishing rod and throw it into the water, or use it as a pickaxe by destroying it in a thousand pieces, remember that today is April 1 and that Square Enix has seized the ball. For any other news on the world of video games and not, continue to follow us on medias. Final Fantasy XIV Gil is an important part of the game. Without these currencies, you won’t be able to realize success in the game.

What Should You Notice While Leveling In Path Of Exile?

Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, I found some powerleveling advice that I want to share with you. While leveling, alternate between using quicksilvers so they both refill at all times. Try to always have flask charges up by killing large packs and blues. Rares are generally are not worth any extra effort over a single blue monster since you don’t need much gear when powerleveling.

Act 1
Do tidal island if you need the quest gem reward otherwise rush to The Submerged Passage and drop a tp when you get to the bridge. Get to ledge WP and take your tp from town back and kill the dweller. Skip Fairgraves unless you find the ship and waypoint / fairgraves right away.

Path of Exile

Act 2
Look for breaks in the road, there will be a slightly less visible road that doesn’t show on the map that will lead you to wetlands in The Riverways and another one in the Western Forest that will lead you to Alira. I tend to start by going left in town but I’m not sure what’s faster. Skip Felshrine but do everything else.

Act 3
Just do all quests. Skip Library unless you need fortify for Kitava. Keeping an eye on poe currency buy if you really have no time to farm currency.

Act 4
When you get to Crystal Veins wp do normal lab. You should be around level 33 at this point while normal lab is level 35. You’ll get full xp doing the lab and should be around 35 when you finish as the packsize in there is crazy. Do kaom first if you have fire res or Daresso if you have armour and cold res.

Act 5
Get the Miasmeter in The Control Blocks on your way to the first boss, it will save you a lot of time later. Skip Kitava’s torments and Utula after killing innocence and go straight for kitava.

Act 6
Full clearing Twilight Strand is worth it so that you can buy all gems you need without logging over to other chars. Tidal island has nothing. Skip Abberath and Ryslatha and do them later when you get to the brine king’s reef.

Act 7
Quest as usual but don’t take Greust’s necklace from Helena after killing him. It can’t be deleted and will be in your inventory until you complete the mission. If she offers it to you then close down her window. Skip Gruthkul if you’re not very strong when you get to her hole or you’re very experienced with her fight.

Act 8
After killing Doedre in the sewers go to the right to The Quay. Going left is a giant waste of time as it has poor xp gain and you have to do a quest in The Quay later anyway so go there and be sure to remind yourself to pick up the Ankh as it’s easy to miss and early in the zone. Leave Yugul in the High Gardens for later.

Act 9
You can now grind Blood Aquaducts if you want or continue through the story. Skip Queen of the Sands and the quest in The Foothills (killing a bull) but do everything else.

Act 10
The teardrop and the Ossuary quests are both respec points and should be skipped. Save Bannon then kill Innocence and farm until you’re around 68-70 in either Blood Aquaduct or The Desecrated Chambers. When you’re 68-70 go back and complete all skill point quests you left behind then do Merciless Labyrinth. Get to 72 then do Kitava.

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What Is The Solution To 2-Handed Weapons In PoE?

In Path of Exile, in the spirit of providing constructive feedback for GGG can we brainstorm what are the current problems with 2-handed weapons in PoE and what direction we would like to see the solutions going? I think it deserves it’s own thread rather than some comments in Tarke’s skill rework video. So to start:

1. Movement skills: 2-handed weapons can only use leap slam, and they are slow = you leap slam slower. dual wielding = more attack speed = faster leap slam, or ability to use shield charge. In the current state of the game where move speed = clear speed this is a serious disadvantage.

Path of Exile

2. Itemisation: losing 1 hand = losing a shield or stat stick. For both casters and melee it’s not good deal to trade that for a potential 2nd 6-link. You are losing either on defense or on damage so you need that 6 link even more and that is more expensive. It’s even worse with the current shaper mods.

Possible solutions: buff 2 hander affixes, give exclusive mods on 2 handers (chance to fortify on hit, chance for charges on kill or damage taken gained as mana, mana leech from spells, etc). Something that creates specific incentive to go 2-handers. Any other?

3. Tree: are there even any good specific 2-hander nodes? The only thing I remember is Wrecking Ball. Shields have specific block nodes that are useful and currently 2 handers have no identity, and their main point of range is overshadowed by foils. Can we have something like +1/+2 to range with 2 handed Melee Weapons? Or +10% damage effectiveness of spell gems socketed in 2 handed Melee Weapons.

4. Scaling: current DPS is scaled by flat damage, crit, +added (flat or %) and attack speed. With 2 handers you get penalized by having lower attack speed on top of one less stat stick, and dual wielding makes this even more disproportionate – I have no idea how to solve or approach this.

Maybe some kind of support gem that scales with less attack speed? Something like your attack speed is 1 APS, % more attack dmg, % more melee AOE. For fast hitting weapons it’s bad because the drawback of losing all increased attack speed they lose more damage than they would gain from this support, but if you have 1.1 APS you don’t lose that much but you can gain clear speed from much better AOE. What’s your opinion?

Hunt Monsters In Final Fantasy XIV Eureka Anemos

Then there’s news from Square Enix and Final Fantasy XIV where patch 4.25 is out now. It is part of the Stormblood expansion. You have the opportunity to try Final Fantasy XIV for free by following this link and you can run the game including the Stormblood extension here:

The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos emerges from the mists in FINAL FANTASY XIV today with the launch of Patch 4.25. This mysterious new region is unexplored and untamed, where the elements are constantly in flux and players will be challenged by fresh battle elements they will need to master in order to acquire and enhance powerful new weapons. The patch introduces also the latest chapter in the adventures of inspector extraordinary, Hildibrand, and the seventh season of The Feast PvP.


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos is an expansive, unexplored area that brings a number of changes to the normal pillars of gameplay:

Field Area-Style Gameplay: Up to 144 players may occupy a single instance. Players are encouraged to group with fellow adventurers two hunt notorious monsters and work towards common goals.

Player Progression: Players will gain elemental EXP to strengthen their ability to harness the elements, but will need to be careful. Death in Eureka will see EXP and even levels lost if they rashly rush in.

Altered Battle Mechanics: Additional strategy is required in battle through an element system, in which players must utilize the Magia Board to change the element affinity of their attack to oppose their enemy’s. Players will customize their Magia Board’s elemental attributes, and must carefully consider their setup depending on the goal of the adventure.

Rewards: Players will occasionally earn protean crystals through exploration of Eureka, and may use them to enhance Eureka’s weapons and gear with the help of the famed blacksmith, Gerolt.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Free Trial allows new players to join the millions of adventurers in the realm of Eorzea. With the free trial, you can access all available content up to level 35 (including PvP content), create up to eight playable characters, and experience the different playable races, classes, and jobs with no restrictions on game time. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can buy FFXIV Gil from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

Do You Have Any Suggestion On Vaal Skills In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, vaal skills are granted by vaal skill gems, a special type of corrupt skill gem that can be used to unleash powerful abilities fueled by the souls of slain enemies.

Vaal skill gems can be looted from corrupted areas, certain strongboxes, and bosses of corrupted maps. It is also possible to create a vaal skill gem by using a vaal orb on a corresponding normal skill gem (e.g. using a vaal orb on spectral throw has a chance of turning it into vaal spectral throw).

Path of Exile

There has been some collectors of poe orbs talk that most vaal skills are useless and that is true to some extent. Some vaal skills have been “nerfed in almost every way possible” to compensate with the absurd speed clear meta because GGG couldn’t think of another solution shorthand.

My proposal is to make all vaal skill gems have 5-15 seconds cooldown after you use them. This way, they’re not spammable if you have insane clear speed and they’re doing what they were designed to do: behave like “ultimates”. And of course buff all of them to compensate and to achieve that ultimate effect.

One player said that while it isn’t the worst idea ever, barring balancing to increase the cooldowns obviously, due to easily abusable stuff, it would really ruin the entire lore of vaal gems. They were soul charged because the vaal were obsessed with sacrifice to gain immense power (see atziri body piles, or any number of other things).

He hope they do balance passes on the skills at some point, but there have been calls for regular skill reworks for a while, meaning it will likely be a long wait.

And some players said that problem is that vaal skills is the least of the problems at GGG headquarters Right now and starting a discussion about this now will get nowhere as it will be overshadowed by all the other much much larger problems in the game.

Try again towards the end of the league. What’s your opinion? If you don’t want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, please buy chaos orbs on U4GM.

May You Have A Good Harvest In Path Of Exile

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