Behind the Scenes: December



Winter Weekends

To celebrate this fantastic time of year, we’ve filled your plate with wintery weekends and a funky festive aura, which will complement the quest and minigame meat like a tasty sauce. Anyone who signs up for membership over December will be given an aura which, when activated, will add a 50% bonus to XP gained within the next 30 minutes. It also gives you a set of wings themed around snowflakes. In addition, we’re hosting a variety of special weekends over December, giving double boss drops, double XP in certain skills, double Dungeoneering tokens and even a special snowman-themed community event. It’s going to be a great month, so get involved!

TzHaar Grandmaster Quest: ‘The Brink of Extinction’ – Members OnlyIn this Grandmaster finale to the TzHaar storyline, you’ll be asked to resolve the differences between the Ga’al, TzHaar and TokHaar by using a fiery combination of wits, knowledge and the sheer, unbridled potency of the new combat system. You’ll have to fight your way through waves of vicious foes and burn through tricky puzzles, as you march forward to the ultimate goal – bringing the city back from the brink of extinction. With fantastic graphics, voiced characters and full integration with the EoC, it’s the flaming hot action we’ve all been longing for.

As with any Grandmaster quest, the rewards are particularly awesome. Not only are the XP rewards some of the biggest we have ever awarded, we’ll allow you to smith obsidian armour (particularly useful when fighting volcano-dwelling critters), and unlock a brand new single-player combat training area.

Requirements for the quest are as follows:

  • 80 Defence
  • 80 Smithing
  • 72 Mining
  • The Elder Kiln

If your allegiance tends towards the TokHaar, Solomon will have three tiers of cosmetic armour reskins for sale, based on the ancient race.

Player-Owned Ports – Members Only

I first mentioned the idea of Player-Owned Ports at Runefest last year, and it’s something we’ve been working hard on ever since. This month, after months of plank-walking, kraken-dodging and sail-hoisting, it’ll be ready! Arrrr! That it be!

Player-Owned Ports is a massive minigame where you can build and manage the port, your ships and your crewmen – ships, sailors, captains and adventurers – and explore the realm of the Eastern Lands!

Building the port itself is a simple matter of creating and upgrading buildings by using the resources your pirates traders bring back from their exotic adventures. The better your port, the better the shipmates you attract to your fleet. The strategy lies in equipping and preparing your ships for any eventuality, finding the right crew for the job and choosing the right voyages to undertake. And there are HUNDREDS of voyages that occur in real-time, meaning you can go back to the surface world and go about your normal business while your crew do all the hard work.

Accessing the port requires at least level 90 in one of the following skills: Herblore, Prayer, Runecrafting, Thieving, Slayer or Fishing. Each skill attracts a different adventurer, who has their own deep, mysterious storyline to investigate, unlocking more and more of the fabled Eastern Lands. If you want to explore ALL of the content that the ports can offer, you’ll need at least level 90 in all of those skills.There are heaps of new rewards to be accessed as your crew brings back the rare and elusive items of the eastern archipelagos. There are so many rewards, in fact, that we can only give a taster here:

  • New level 85 equipment for rangers, mages and warriors. These need to be crafted, runecrafted or smithed by players with 90+ in those skills
  • A brand new, ‘highest-healing-ever’ food type (90+ Cooking to cook)
  • New scrimshaw items that can be carried in a brand new ‘pocket’ slot, offering a range of skilling and combat benefits (90+ Fletching to make).

Of course, no update would be complete without some fantastic new graphics and audio, and the ports have those by the barrel load! Not only is it fully voiced and features some fantastic shanties (look out for a special shanty in an up-and-coming video) but the Graphics team have really pushed the boat out with some amazing buildings, ships and characters, all of which really bring the update to life.

Solomon will also be opening Davy Jones’ Locker to reveal various sailor outfits (east and west) and nautical hairstyles and beards.


The Brink of Extinction – Grandmaster Quest


The Brink of Extinction (members only)

The crisis in TzHaar City is about to reach breaking point. Ga’al – TzHaar born without the inherited memories of their forebears – were once merely an anomaly, but now they’re the only TzHaar being born from the eggs at the birthing pools. If this continues, the TzHaar race – as we know it – will cease to exist and TzHaar society will collapse. The TzHaar-Mej have a radical solution, but they’ll need you to return to the Elder Kiln – home of the shadowy TokHaar – to enact it.

Fight your way through some of the most complex combat challenges we’ve ever unleashed, making full use of the new system released with the Evolution of Combat, and dig deep into TzHaar lore to solve puzzles on the way. You’ll also find yourself in the middle of a clash of ideals between the TzHaar and the TokHaar, and the solutions on the table involve pain, death or both. It’s up to you – and a rogue Ga’al bearing a particularly painful grudge – to retain the fragile peace between these two ancient races.

This Grandmaster quest contains some of RuneScape’s toughest combat, and the rewards are appropriately prestigious. Along with 100,000 Mining XP, 275,000 XP in the core combat skill of your choice and a TzHaar title, you’ll earn the ability to smith and wear obsidian armour, and will gain access to an all-new solo combat area: the Fight Cauldron.


The Theif Guide


The Thief Guide

The thief is the assassin hidden by darkness. It specializes in darting in and out of combat using stealth and traps to take out all who oppose. Although they are easily focused and have low survivability, they always have a trick up their sleeves to slip out from the enemies grasps.

The thief is considered one of the Adventure professions of the many classes. Using only medium armor makes them rather light. To activate their skills, thieves use initiative to launch a volley of swirling attack to assault enemies. What separates thieves from other classes, is that they utilize stealth is almost all of their abilities, including their heal which grants stealth for some time unlike other classes.  Since they have low health and armor, their primary purpose in battles is focusing important targets and finishing off other low health targets.


Similar to other MMOS, the Guild Wars 2 thief can fight as a ranged and melee fighter, granting greater positions in battles. They were primarily built as an immensely powerful DPS, jumping straight into the most immense battles and swiftly finishing targets off to continue their killing streak.
The roaming of a thief is a vital skill to a player. Simple moving around and observing the movement of players is important even if they don’t commit to any fights. They are completely meant to dash in to finish the job and move on.

Thief only utilizes 4 weapons making it seem rather boring and possibly putting it at a disadvantage. Thankfully, each weapon combination provides some of the most useful skills that anyone could use. Each of course is meant for quick bursts and covering up for any weaknesses, for example, using both daggers you have an ability to stab and vanish immediately avoiding all detection. Using a sword, the thief may set down a waypoint where he/she will jump from to a target and may teleport back as they please. Using the short bow, thieves may tumble backwards to escape melee attacks. And finally the pistols allow players to set down a cloud of smoke to avoid taking any damage at all..

Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide Review



My experience with gaming guides in the past has just been outright annoying and bad. I have been scammed by companies making claims about its guide. Most of the people who wrote these “guides” never even stepped foot within the game. In my humble opinion, they are a disgrace to the gaming community, and should never again produce another guide. I could find more information in a Google search then within one of these guides. Some guides just contain old information, which does not serve its purpose very well either. Why would I need a guide that is old? Hence why I never buy physical guides.


Because of this, I was hesitant to buy another guide. I have been scammed before, so why wouldn’t they scam me again? But I had many questions about Guild Wars 2 that I just couldn’t find within Google, and my friends were dumbfounded as well. After posting on various forums, asking around on live streams, I found the Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide.  I saw reviews of the guide, and after looking around at various press releases, I decided to go ahead and purchase it. After using it for some time, I decided to write a review about it.

For any of you this GW2 Domination Guide, then you already know all about it. From my experiences I can say that the guide covers everything in Guild Wars 2. It might have some hiccups where it misses a silver ore vein or two, or small point of interest, but that’s not where the guide really shines. What I found most appealing about this guide is its in-depth builds guide, its descriptive farming routes, crafting recipes, and leveling guide.

The leveling portion of this guide includes a detailed map and instructions on where to go, what do to, and generally how to level the fastest. Obviously the leveling guide is a trademark of the Guides genre, and the GW2 Domination guide presents that almost perfectly. In the early stages of the game, the guide had some hiccups in terms of information, only because it was the early release of the game and things had been patched. The Guide team quickly jumped on these problems though, and they were solved within the day of release.

The Farming routes part of the guide, that fits along with the Crafting guide, are my personal favorite parts of the guide. It fundamentally offers a very easy way to level your profession. It was a great use to me to have a detailed farm route next to me while playing the game, so that I would not have to worry about returning back to the place  I was leveling to collect some copper because my jeweling skill is under-leveled(For Example).

Last in line is the Builds guide, which was very surprising to me. To tell the truth  I was not expecting that much information to be contained within this guide. Their were literally builds for every play-style, and not just one build for that play-style, but many. Play-styles include everything from PvP, WvW, to a more support oriented character, or a more damage oriented character. It’s of course more oriented, because Gw2 eliminates any real need for a support class for example, unless the gamer desires support classes.

My next review point is the customer support. When I first got the guide, I was a bit confused about an aspect within the leveling portion of it. After a while I decided to call customer support, and tell them about it. Customer Support told me that it was a mistake within the guide.  At this point I was still skeptical about the guide (It was the 25th and GW2 was released approximately 15 hours ago). So I asked about their refund policy, and they told me I had 60-days to try out the guide, and if I did not like it I would get a refund. After deciding I should keep trying it out, an update comes with the mistake fixed. I was surprised, and that is when I decided the Guild Wars 2 Domination guide, is, in fact a quality guide with their consumers as the #1 priority.


The Thief Guide to Stealth-Thief Class Guide


thief stealth

Thief’s Guide to Stealth-The Theif Class Guide

Stealth, one of the most utilized skills by thieves. It is what makes thieves the assassin of the night. You never know when one will pop up next to youand let loose a fury of attacks. It’s What makes Thief’s it so frightening to others. Thief’s pop up in the most un-expected places. In addition to stealth, the thief uses many skills to sneak in without detection, cause as much damage as possible to disrupt players and then get out ASAP with as few scratches as possible.

When in stealth, thieves are untouchable by attacks that would otherwise kill them. AOE skills on the other hand have chances of actually hitting if the attacker is lucky. AOE attacks give away the thief’s position only slightly, showing only the faint outline and the movement of the environment.

When thief’s enter stealth, the skill set becomes different. The first skill that a thief has (depending on the weapon composition) is a special skill that adds bonus effects such as bleeds and extra damage, and stuns. Very useful in PvP..