The Theif Guide


The Thief Guide

The thief is the assassin hidden by darkness. It specializes in darting in and out of combat using stealth and traps to take out all who oppose. Although they are easily focused and have low survivability, they always have a trick up their sleeves to slip out from the enemies grasps.

The thief is considered one of the Adventure professions of the many classes. Using only medium armor makes them rather light. To activate their skills, thieves use initiative to launch a volley of swirling attack to assault enemies. What separates thieves from other classes, is that they utilize stealth is almost all of their abilities, including their heal which grants stealth for some time unlike other classes.  Since they have low health and armor, their primary purpose in battles is focusing important targets and finishing off other low health targets.


Similar to other MMOS, the Guild Wars 2 thief can fight as a ranged and melee fighter, granting greater positions in battles. They were primarily built as an immensely powerful DPS, jumping straight into the most immense battles and swiftly finishing targets off to continue their killing streak.
The roaming of a thief is a vital skill to a player. Simple moving around and observing the movement of players is important even if they don’t commit to any fights. They are completely meant to dash in to finish the job and move on.

Thief only utilizes 4 weapons making it seem rather boring and possibly putting it at a disadvantage. Thankfully, each weapon combination provides some of the most useful skills that anyone could use. Each of course is meant for quick bursts and covering up for any weaknesses, for example, using both daggers you have an ability to stab and vanish immediately avoiding all detection. Using a sword, the thief may set down a waypoint where he/she will jump from to a target and may teleport back as they please. Using the short bow, thieves may tumble backwards to escape melee attacks. And finally the pistols allow players to set down a cloud of smoke to avoid taking any damage at all..

Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide Review



My experience with gaming guides in the past has just been outright annoying and bad. I have been scammed by companies making claims about its guide. Most of the people who wrote these “guides” never even stepped foot within the game. In my humble opinion, they are a disgrace to the gaming community, and should never again produce another guide. I could find more information in a Google search then within one of these guides. Some guides just contain old information, which does not serve its purpose very well either. Why would I need a guide that is old? Hence why I never buy physical guides.


Because of this, I was hesitant to buy another guide. I have been scammed before, so why wouldn’t they scam me again? But I had many questions about Guild Wars 2 that I just couldn’t find within Google, and my friends were dumbfounded as well. After posting on various forums, asking around on live streams, I found the Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide.  I saw reviews of the guide, and after looking around at various press releases, I decided to go ahead and purchase it. After using it for some time, I decided to write a review about it.

For any of you this GW2 Domination Guide, then you already know all about it. From my experiences I can say that the guide covers everything in Guild Wars 2. It might have some hiccups where it misses a silver ore vein or two, or small point of interest, but that’s not where the guide really shines. What I found most appealing about this guide is its in-depth builds guide, its descriptive farming routes, crafting recipes, and leveling guide.

The leveling portion of this guide includes a detailed map and instructions on where to go, what do to, and generally how to level the fastest. Obviously the leveling guide is a trademark of the Guides genre, and the GW2 Domination guide presents that almost perfectly. In the early stages of the game, the guide had some hiccups in terms of information, only because it was the early release of the game and things had been patched. The Guide team quickly jumped on these problems though, and they were solved within the day of release.

The Farming routes part of the guide, that fits along with the Crafting guide, are my personal favorite parts of the guide. It fundamentally offers a very easy way to level your profession. It was a great use to me to have a detailed farm route next to me while playing the game, so that I would not have to worry about returning back to the place  I was leveling to collect some copper because my jeweling skill is under-leveled(For Example).

Last in line is the Builds guide, which was very surprising to me. To tell the truth  I was not expecting that much information to be contained within this guide. Their were literally builds for every play-style, and not just one build for that play-style, but many. Play-styles include everything from PvP, WvW, to a more support oriented character, or a more damage oriented character. It’s of course more oriented, because Gw2 eliminates any real need for a support class for example, unless the gamer desires support classes.

My next review point is the customer support. When I first got the guide, I was a bit confused about an aspect within the leveling portion of it. After a while I decided to call customer support, and tell them about it. Customer Support told me that it was a mistake within the guide.  At this point I was still skeptical about the guide (It was the 25th and GW2 was released approximately 15 hours ago). So I asked about their refund policy, and they told me I had 60-days to try out the guide, and if I did not like it I would get a refund. After deciding I should keep trying it out, an update comes with the mistake fixed. I was surprised, and that is when I decided the Guild Wars 2 Domination guide, is, in fact a quality guide with their consumers as the #1 priority.


The Thief Guide to Stealth-Thief Class Guide


thief stealth

Thief’s Guide to Stealth-The Theif Class Guide

Stealth, one of the most utilized skills by thieves. It is what makes thieves the assassin of the night. You never know when one will pop up next to youand let loose a fury of attacks. It’s What makes Thief’s it so frightening to others. Thief’s pop up in the most un-expected places. In addition to stealth, the thief uses many skills to sneak in without detection, cause as much damage as possible to disrupt players and then get out ASAP with as few scratches as possible.

When in stealth, thieves are untouchable by attacks that would otherwise kill them. AOE skills on the other hand have chances of actually hitting if the attacker is lucky. AOE attacks give away the thief’s position only slightly, showing only the faint outline and the movement of the environment.

When thief’s enter stealth, the skill set becomes different. The first skill that a thief has (depending on the weapon composition) is a special skill that adds bonus effects such as bleeds and extra damage, and stuns. Very useful in PvP..

Guild Wars 2 Guide-Gold Tactics




In Guild Wars 2 the amount of gold you have is going to affect the equipment that you are able to buy and how quickly and efficiently you are able to level. Without enough gold you may not have good enough equipment and your leveling will slow down.

Salvaging Market Items
One of the quickest and easiest ways to earn money in Guild Wars 2 is to salvage items that you find on the trading post and then sell the materials that you get from those items. In order for this to be effective you need to search the trading post for items that are priced very low. When you find those items you should buy a couple of them and salvage them to see what you get.
After you know what the raw materials are for the item look up the value of that material on the trading post. Use that value as a guide to what you can pay for the items.
If the items are much cheaper than what the raw materials are worth you should buy them all up and break them down and resell them. When you finish with one set of items move on to a different set of items and repeat the process again. This method is simple and quick and a great way to start earning money at the beginning of the game.
Buy in Bulk
Another clever technique to earn a good amount of money using the Trading Post is to buy items in bulk and resell them for a profit. What I mean by buying items in bulk is picking up an entire lot of items from a seller who is just looking to get rid of them. For instance someone may be trying to sell 1000 copper ore and there won’t be that many people willing to buy it because of the massive amount. Since there is less interest in the bulk amount of items they will go for less money.
When you buy those items at a lower cost you can mark them up and sell them off in smaller lots so that they are more appealing. Even if you only mark the items up a little you are still going to make a decent profit on all of them because of the huge number that you purchased initially. This method works very well for most of the stackable items in the game, but it should go without saying that you have to do a little research to make sure you are getting a good deal on the items before you buy them. While most bulk sellers will list items at a lower price, others will have high prices and you don’t want to get stuck with those.


Guild Wars 2 Hints and Tips for Beginners!




Guild Wars 2 Hints and Tips for Beginners!

Guild Wars 2 is a beast in the world of MMO’s. I mean not only is it a heck of a lot of fun to sit down and play, but the game just looks gorgeous. I  have heard from many buddies of mine who are not into MMO’s that they are tempted to give Guild Wars 2 a try as it just looks so awesome. With that being said while for people whom are familiar with this type of game it may be easy to just jump in and rock and roll. For those new it can actually be very intimidating. So today we are going to throw together a little hints and tips guild wars 2 guide for you guys who maybe are new to the series. I am also sure that some of you long time MMO fans will find something useful here. So watcha waitin’ for! heres the Guild Wars 2 Guide Hints and Tips!

Love Thy Mini Map

I am sure that you all know what a mini map is, but it is vitally important that you play close attention to the one in Guild Wars 2. You need to learn all the different markings so that at just a glance you know where your buddies. Also you can put a marker on any places you want to go to. Just hold shift and click the map.

You can also draw things on the mini map. I guess you could use this to draw offensive pictures to your friends, but it is also a great way to get messages to each other and work out a strategy.

Call In The Troops

If you find your self in trouble, lost or you want to lead your buddies into the heart of battle then you can let them know exactly where you are by holding ALT and clicking the map. This will let your friends know exactly where you are.

Finding Your Loot

One very frustrating thing can be when you are on a quest that requires you to find multiple items and for the love of god there are just some you cannot find. Well chances are that they are already laying on the ground. If you press the ALT key it will put the names of all the things you can interact with on the screen. Learn this tip very fast as it can save you a ton of time just wandering around.

Leading By Example

Being the leader can be very cool and probably something that you should not jump into right away, but if you do make sure you are leading your friends well. This is a vital thing to learn in tough battles and in multi player. Make sure you let your friends know who they need to be attacking. To do this you just highlight the target you want to kill and then press control-t.

Play With Your Friends

Guild Wars 2 does have a great community, but many people take this stuff real serious so try and organise games with people who are around the same skill level as you or with your real life friends. As you are more likely to have better patience with them.

Have Fun

The last tip I want to give you is to have fun and stick with the game. Guild Wars 2 is tons of fun once you get the hang of it. Let me just ask that when you are great at the game that you take the time to help a noob out here and there.


An over-view of Guild Wars 2 Under-Water Combat




Guide to the Underwater Life of Guild Wars 2

Usually in MMO’s,  there is absolutely no such thing as under-water combat, only under-water swimming. To make things more interesting, Arena Net decided to add a whole miniature combat system below the calm surface of the lake one might come across whilst leveling. When you jump into the water your weapon skills change to a sequence that matches what you have equipped: Spear, trident or spear gun.  All of these have their own skills that make them more unique than the other. The water itself has realistic water animation and physics, which, combined with the intuitive water combat system makes the user want to explore underwater (or not, depending on you preferences of course). Another difference that will be noticed is the difference in the dodging. Some may not notice it and freak out that they will be easily targeted, but no fear it is there. Instead of the traditional rolling above water, your character will quickly dart through the water in the direction directed by you.

“Ya sure, nice scenery and all but why bother when I could be above water leveling?” Simple. It’s underwater leveling. Its new, and fresh. A break from the everyday above-water leveling. It’s Arena-Nets version of saying “we want to be different, and we will be different from any other popular MMO”. Not to mention under-water mobs got some nice exp and drops! The underwater as well provides karma quests that work the same way as the ones you see above water. In theory, under-water combat has three levels of mobs. The first layer, the middle layer and the topmost layer. The top has practically nothing wandering(or should I say “swimming”) around except for an occasional passive mob. The second layer will have a more populated area of aggressive creatures that will not think twice about trying to rip you to bits and send you back to a way-point. Finally, there is a third layer that is full to the brim of ravenous beasts and challenges. This is most often the location of underwater events meaning karma quests or Dynamic Events.

Something that will definitely throw you off in the game will be the combat underwater. Unlike on land, when submerged underwater foes can approach you from below and above you. This often forces people to constantly be on the look-out and swerving their camera in every location possible, in fear of a surprise mob ready to turn you into a shish kebab. This being said, it is better to play it safe rather than think scuba diving on the first jump will be fun. Besides that, the makers of Guild Wars 2 included two factors, sinking and floating. Both of course are self-explanatory and can turn the tides of war when in the battlefield against other players. Sad to say, these abilities are only available for certain classes since they each have their own unique play-style.

What happens when your killed?? Well the down-state comes in, and then you die. Although Unlike above water, when a player is downed they must swim to the surface where they will regenerate health until they revive themselves. Normally, players would receive 25% of their health back and will then make the choice to stay and fight it out like mad or swim to avoid becoming a human fillet for the creatures of the water.


GW2 WvW, How to Level in Hardest of PvP Situations


WvW leveling in Guild Wars 2 When comparing multiple games, Guild Wars 2 has its many ways of standing out in front of all the others. One of its well-known characteristics is the large diversity of methods to level. One of the more interesting ways of leveling in gw2 is the WvW map that provides a great variety of ways to gain experience quickly. The map itself is relatively large and has fantastic scenery and loot that players can keep and use.

Another game-mode for Gw2 is called structured PvP, which is not different from PvP in other MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft. To make things more interesting, Arena Net made it so that when entering the WvW map, players are scaled up in level, traits and equipment. For those who aren’t sure what this means, your character is automatically boosted to level 80 and receives normal damage that a level 80 would get, although does not get their traits and skills upgraded. Because of level-scaling, large scale fair battles are made possible, no matter what level you are.

For those who don’t want to use this map as a only source of leveling, it is still very worthwhile to visit. From my own personal experiences, after doing some story/Karma Quests, the Eternal Battlegrounds are a great place to get wrap everything up. There you can pick up loot (equips, crafting materials etc.) unlock weapon skills (If you somehow haven’t done so yet) practice your weapon combinations and earn some skill points here and there. The place is not only fun but extremely rewarding. It adds overall freshness and outlook on GW2, and, as I have said countless times before, it is what makes GW2 a great edition to the MMORPG genre.

Even though I make it sound very inviting right now and others may also agree with me, there isn’t a complete guarantee that you will level quickly. WvW lets you receive experience for activities such as: killing other players, killing NPCs, capturing points, depending captured points and random other activities that are scattered all around. Of course all of these events have it set so that experience gain is affected greatly by participation and the type of event.

So really, you are going to see a steady rise in exp if you are constantly participating in events. Of course not all things will get you to 80, such as : Picking flowers, chasing people all the way across the map just to be killed, diving off of mountains into lakes full of ravenous creatures and many other ridiculous activities that I have seen firsthand and experienced sadly (Although they were very appealing at the time, and, btw, if you ever want to try them, go ahead, just don’t blame me when you’re not 80 in 24 hours :O)

Ok so now your mind is set on this thinking “ OK, this is going to be awesome because almost everything is going to give me exp so why keep reading?” To be truthful there will be certain scenarios that you will want to avoid if your goal is to level. Some of these activities are:

-Defending a point. Reason: You will be stuck there for so long that you will have to sleep next to you computer.

– Attacking a point that is DEFENDED. Reason: I want to put an emphasis on defended because very often one cannot siege a location without having rock thrown at him/her along with hot oil spill on them. If a point is not being held by anyone and you have a decent sized group then go ahead because capturing that point will in fact yield exp which is your goal.

– Picking Flowers. Reason: This is very well a self explanatory rule. Firstly you will look like a complete idiot trying to pick up something that you cannot obtain. Secondly you would end up messing up the game by making people laugh so hard at you that they would all instantly die. This would cause massive lag at spawn locations and possible physical harm to those that have breathing problems. If you want to pick flowers to badly then go and buy yourself Minecraft because if that was available in this game, I would have shot myself a long time ago.

So why again could this be a viable leveling location for me?

To sum all of this up again, you get the joy of actually getting to play one of the biggest things about GW2, its comprehensive WvW system, which is also one of the biggest reasons people buy the game. The PvP world mixed with exp gain makes it leveling that doesn’t feel like leveling AT ALL because you aren’t grinding your head off trying to find stupid papers or shaking every bush you see. I imagine it as if you are being handed money without any reason of work at all. From my view, the battlefield of Guild Wars 2 is a place that you can immerge yourself into and lose track of what you were going to do and leave with levels gained! As long as you don’t sit in a single spot trying to take a gate while screaming frequently at everyone for how terrible they are doing and how much better a ranger is than every other class, you should be able to have a fun time and be rewarded for that..

Preview to the Ranger Build

Rangers- The Long distance fighters of GW2. Much as the game suggests, they carry bows/shortbows/ or even two-handed swords, whichever one is best for you. Rangers are great for single target enemies. Rangers will be overwhelmed if they verse a large mob of monsters.

Ranger Leveling Build:Rangers were meant to be long distance fighters and this build focuses on keeping you far away from your enemies so that you can dish out the damage without having to worry about your defenses. This is a very effective build for taking out single target enemies, but you will struggle when facing a large group of foes even with help from your pet.


Marksmanship will work wonders for boosting your base damage which is important since this isn’t a high condition build or a high crit build. You shouldn’t need to dodge that often so you can get a nice damage boost by throwing Steady Focus in the adept slot. Grab Eagle Eye for the Master spot to boost your Longbow range because that is going to be your primary damage dealing weapon most of the time.


Although you aren’t going to crit often, going into Skirmishing is necessary to boost your crit damage when it happens and to boost your overall damage by reducing the cooldown on your weapon skills. Get Sharpened Edges for your first trait to boost your crit damage even further and give you a nice damage tick even when you are running for your life. Quick Draw in the Master section is the reason you are going into this tree and the skill refresh boost is going to seriously increase overall damage.

Wilderness Survival

Since you aren’t going to be getting hit much focusing on this section for survival is not important. You are basically throwing 10 points into the tree to boost your pet’s damage so he will bring down foes faster.

Nature Magic

Nature magic is good for two different reasons, the regeneration you get when your health drops down to 75 percent will help keep you topped off when you take minor damage. Get Strength of Spirit as your trait to boost your damage a little further.


Siege Weaponry and how to use it




Siege Weapons

When I say that just a group of people and a burning passion for the conquering of a point isn’t enough, I really mean it. Siege weaponry is new to MMO’s and was introduced to the Guild Wars 2 World versus world map. These machines are meant for the both defending and attacking key locations of the map and give players a large advantage over others when they keep this arsenal with them.  Right now, only six siege weapons are available for use, but still each one can result in a fatal blow and a long walk back from the re-spawn waypoint.

Alpha Siege Golem:These machines of madness are a sight to fear as they approach your front gate in the midst of heated combat. These brutes specialize in a large damage output just like other gadgets but what makes these stand out are its capabilities of being able to be used in even the toughest of spots. Often players will try to make siege weapons next to the door, but the intense firepower of enemies can be too strong to withstand. Golems serve as a “We need backup now” sort of firepower. Just like other weapons you need to “mount” it for it to be used.

All of these weapons were put in for the sole purpose of making the player versus player map a much more interesting place to be in. One thing that players will want to always remember with these gadgets is your placement. Siege weapons were put into the game to either help you win the battle or just utterly waste your time, all depending on how well you know how to utilize its capabilities. Always remember what the weapon correspond to the needs in the current situation and place it where its maximum potential will shine. But be careful as well with how you many you build. Never line a whole wall with weapons if there is no one to use them, because if you lose the points you have just handed the enemy a Gourmet Meal on a golden plate. Watch your supplies count (Supplies is the item you use to construct the mechanism) because it doesn’t last forever, otherwise you have to wait for a supplies caravan to arrive. Again, with the correct knowledge YOU can turn the tides of the war.


The In-Game Economy and Leveling Up

When it соmеs to the game есоnоmу in Guild Wars 2, Guild wars 2 has one of the most intuitive. That’s why I made this article. There are 2 main currencіеs in use: the рrimаrу bеіng сoins whіch iѕ mаde up оf gold and its different units while guilds make use of іnfluenсе. Influenсе iѕ used fоr buyіng upgrаdeѕ аnd whаt nоt fоr guіlds and іѕ a neceѕѕіty for јoіning group fights аѕ wеll аѕ PvP. Thе gоld соunterрart is thе mаin currеnсy and thuѕ соuld alsо bе used to purсhаѕе influenсе.Influеncе іѕ nоt as diffiсult tо оbtain as іt mаy ѕеem. It сan be eаrnеd via іn bоth plaуer verѕus еnvіrоnmеnt (PvE) fightѕ and рlayer versus plауer (PvP) еvеnts. Gamers саn аlѕо еarn influenсе bу асcерtіng guіld іnvitations as wеll аѕ іf they arе оnlinе durіng an аttendаnce cheсk. All ѕortѕ of рolitical upgrаdeѕ whіch maу іnclude guild emblеms, buffѕ, раrty itеms or guild аrmorѕ саn bе bought by uѕіng influenсе. Othеr thаn that, the Art оf War upgrаdеѕ whісh аrе mоrе or less buffѕ fоr world vеrsus world еvеntѕ arе alsо obtаіned by wау оf influence. Othеr guild upgradeѕ thаt mаkeѕ use of influencе аrе есonomу and architectural upgrades.

Aѕ fоr thе mаin Guіld Wаrѕ 2 currеncy, it iѕ mаde up оf threе unitѕ: brоnze, sіlvеr аnd gоld, wіth gold bеіng the lаrgest form. Thrоughоut the game, gamеrѕ wіll fіnd that gоld iѕ a neсеѕsitу in оrdеr tо ѕmoothlу рrоgrеsѕ tо thе level саp. The may look to several guides to guild wars 2 for advice. There аre ѕеveral ways to еаrn gоld, thе mоѕt commоn of which is bу killing mobs іn PvE ѕettіngѕ аnd loоting. Othеr mеаnѕ оf еаrnіng gold inсlude cоmрlеtion оf game еvеntѕ, selling away itemѕ to NPC vendors, fіlling a heart mеtеr and of соurѕe by wаy оf trading goodѕ with othеr gamerѕ.

Aѕ plaуerѕ prоgrеsѕ through thе storуlіne, thеу wіll fіnd that more аnd mоre gоld are сallеd for tо gеt higher level weaрons, іn order to рurchаse upgrades, reраir аrmorѕ as well aѕ fоr teleportatiоn. Plауеrѕ with more gold аt their dіѕроsal will fіnd thаt the leveling рrogrеsѕіоn tо the levеl cаp аutomаtісаllу beсоmеѕ fаster. For obvіous rеaѕonѕ, gold іѕ usеd fоr telеpоrtatіоn, tеleportаtiоn іn іtsеlf avoіdѕ lеngthy рlаytіme waѕtеd on travelіng on foоt betweеn dеѕtinаtions. More gоld аlso mеаns the abіlіty to rеѕеt trаіt роіnts morе оftеn, never having tо hаve second thoughtѕ аbоut rеpаіrіng brokеn attirе, purсhаѕing expеnѕіvе іtеms frоm vеndоrѕ оr trаding аwаy with othеr plаyers. All of thеѕе, in сombinаtіon еnаblеѕ thе riсhеr gamer to quiсkеn the leveling up timе, bе it bу way оf bеttеr wеaponѕ to rеаp in expеrіencе pointѕ from tаking dоwn mоbѕ or telеpоrting betwеen wауроintѕ.