Path Of Exile Reviews From Veteran Players

If you have known Diablo and have been “lying” for months with it. Surely you will not be able to ignore the Path of Exile – seen as a diabolical Diablo student. True to the name “post-Diablo”, from the graphics, dark scenery to the blood, mana is also designed not much different than its predecessor. However, with the most modern technology today, the image of the Path of Exile has been pushed to new heights with the power of 3D.

The plot of the game and the history of the world are very interesting, I do not advise you to skip dialogs on the first pass. First, the dialogs are informative, and secondly you may encounter a problem – you need to complete the task, and you do not understand what exactly you need to do. As for the plot – many people consider it superficial, but interesting. All the inhabitants of the world have their own character, their goals and their history. As you progress through the game, you can meet many characters who will supplement their stories with a glimpse of the world, and memos and memorials will describe the story. The names and descriptions of Unique objects are intertwined with the game’s lore, and all game dialogues are localized and announced. They even managed to keep a thin note of black humor in the words of some characters.

Path of Exile is a completely free game, but with an in-game store that offers only items that do not affect the balance: visual effects for items and spells, pets and extra cache space. Multiplayer component in the game is expressed in the possibility of cooperative passage with other players, PvP battles and trade. For the game you need a constant connection to the Internet.

At the very beginning of the game you need to choose the league in which you will fight. Now only League “Standard” and “One Life” mode are available, in which, after the death of the character, he passes into the standard league. In the future, we are waiting for new leagues and races, in which there will be interesting regimes. For example, “Invasion” – any player can invade your zone and fight with you, and whoever loses the battle will lose his things and life.

When you decide on the league and mode, you have to choose the class that you want to play. To the class are bound only the starting characteristics, appearance and gender, and also importantly – the place of start in the Skill Tree. Each class has its own story, and its own reason for that they were sent to this place. In total, there are seven classes in the game, and the seventh new class “Scion” can only be opened after passing the entire storyline.

Complete the passage will not take much time, but the game has a huge replayability potential. It will be interesting for you to play all classes, try different builds, go through all the difficulty levels, which are three in the game. After completing all 3 acts of the first complexity, you will be teleported to the next difficulty, where you will have to go all over again, but even in more difficult conditions and with more evil enemies.

Unlike many games of this genre, you are not kept within the class, and you can use any skills and equipment, learn anything on the Tree of passive skills. The main thing is that the performance requirements for skills or things are met.

The main trump card of the game is the opportunity to develop the hero with his unique method. Players have come up with dozens of interesting builds, but almost always everyone prefers to create their own builds, with which they will be comfortable playing. A huge number of passive skills, game classes, skills and types of their combinations and things – allows you to create an unlimited number of different builds. Not everyone will be easy to assemble items or easy to use, some will be too weak, but the total number of possible playable builds is huge. The passive skills tree contains more than a thousand skills.

Visually, the game is pleasant. In some places the textures are fuzzy, the animation is not smooth, there are not many polygons. But for such a hardcore and dynamic game it is even useful and quickly goes into the background. Believe me, after a couple of hours, killing thousands of monsters – you’ll even like the graphics, since it does not turn what’s happening on the screen into a mess, and the effects do not cause attacks.

The atmosphere in the game is beautiful, the design levels, music and graphics – have a good synergy. Everything looks organic and gloomy. Separately mention the music, it’s beautiful!

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Madden NFL 18 – Reviews

Yes, Madden NFL 18, as well as all those that precedes it, is perhaps unknown to you. You may have heard about it during its presentation at the E3 in 2017. This game of simulation of American football exists on our consoles since 1988 (under the name of John Madden Football, former coach and sports commentator, until 1993) you have read it, you arrive at the 30 years of the license.


Warm up or a big step forward?

Madden NFL 18, if this game does not speak to you say that for our American friends it is the equivalent of our Fifa. A license that comes back every year, with some modifications gameplay level but above all a complete overhaul of the teams present. You could take version 17 and spend a day doing the equivalent of the mercato to finally approach version 18.

However, this year (playing from the Playstation 2 versions), a new mode appears and immerses you even more in the simulation, the “Longshot Mode”.

This will allow you to follow the career of Devin Wade from his first steps in the garden with his father until his rise in NFL through his years of studies.

This mode of play joins a bit those of NBA 2K and Fifa, except that this time, you can only modify your hero.

What if we do not know each other?

Here we touch the node of the problem. American football has, like all sports, its rules and its “strategies”. If in Madden NFL 18 the first goal is still to score more points than the opposing team. The way to do it is more complicated than on other sports titles from EA Sports.

Take as an example FIFA, you choose your training according to your way of playing. In Madden, you will surely (almost 90% of the time) choose the “Ask Madden” which will offer you one training over another.

Small point for beginners, on the start page, you are offered to choose three styles of game: arcade, simulation (to privilege) and competition. And to fine-tune, the choice between four “difficulties”: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. This gives you an even more personal game discovery.

You will also find that I use the English terms, second flat for this game. Indeed, this license has never been translated into French. You will have to understand the language of Shakespeare to grasp the nuances, the techniques…. and similarly to appreciate the subtleties of the commentators.

Basically, if you are a novice in the world of American football, you will soon be overwhelmed and miss out on a fun free game. However, if you understand English and you learn the basics via the “practice” you could probably put a few slaps on your opponents online. It is not uncommon to come across players who only follow the instructions of the AI and therefore open themselves allegedly to a player freer of his movements.


Graphically speaking, what does it give?

Here comes one of the major changes of Madden Nfl 18 and our least. Usually, when the trailer of a game comes out, we rarely have gameplay pictures. We are sold dream with cinematic worthy of Hollywood!

What was my amazement when I saw the flashing sunlight of a receiver’s helmet! And even if the referees announce penalties, you can see that the glare in their face is real.

The engine has improved the graphics dramatically and added a tremendous amount of detail. Some colors, however, remain very “flashy”, would this be the opportunity to change television?

As for the movements of the players, well, there are still some stiffnesses on the changes of direction which give the impression of a jerky movement. A major concern is still to be noted, the presence of quite a lot of “glitch”. These do not affect the game (or even not at all), but to see his player after a percussion ending on the other end of the field is quite comical.

The work of Frostbite Engine, which should be acknowledged, puts a famous tanned to Ignite who was responsible for the graphics engine of version 17.

The little extras that make it all.

I’ve never been a fan of Utimate Team modes, whether it’s on Fifa, Madden, or any other games allowing this collectible card system to make “The Top Team”.

I keep in memory of the kids having spent astronomical sums to get the card that they missed them in gold version!

However, this year a big improvement of the mode has arrived: the possibility of playing in 3V3. Well, already you have to have two friends who own Madden NFL 18, who know what they are doing because falling on unknown partners will spoil your pleasure especially by the lack of communication.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to choose a role (Offensive Captain, Defensive Captain, and Head Coach). The team will consist of a mix of the three teams “Madden Ultimate Team”.

Small but unnecessary addition that has the merit of being there: another new Play Now Live mode that will allow you to follow the actual NFL season with challenges in the game to rewrite the story or imagine it before does occur. I confess that I did not understand the interest or the purpose of this mode which is clearly not the one that will be the most played. Except if you are team management and strategy buffs.

Buy or not?

Madden NFL 18 is like his brothers EA Sports (Fifa, NBA, NHL, …) a DLC of the previous year’s game, which itself was also a DLC and so on. We modify the teams, we add a mode for the fans…

People who have played in previous versions will be tempted, or even feel “obligated” to play and will enjoy it for sure.

On the other hand, for those who wish to test it, it is like being in front of an object coming from elsewhere. You need basics in this sport, knowledge in English and especially understand the mechanics of the game.

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